I would like to ask you to post your thoughts to two quick survey questions if you wouldn’t mind. They have been issues rolling around in my mind for quite some time (about 1.5 years) and I felt like the only way I would resolve it is to ask those who it would affect the most: my readers. Please reply back with a comment and your honest thoughts. So here goes!

1.) Assuming you know you get something out of a blog’s content (genuinely), does a blogger putting up new content every day make you more apt to visit, subscribe, or recommend their blog? Or is once/twice a week just as good?

2.) Would you be interested in a subscription-based song club in which I record a new song every month, based on where I’m at with the Lord, life, politics, etc, and give it to you as a free download. Would you pay $1 for this song? ($12/year). Or would you find a “Donate Now” button more appealing? And would you recommend the service to your friends if you liked the tunes?

I’ll explain in more detail my reasoning for these questions in my next post based on the response. Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time.



Shane Deal · 13 Apr ’09 at 8:47 am

I generally am much more inclined to visit a blog that updates on a daily basis. Ones that do not update frequently are usually left unvisited after awhile. (I should take that advice to my heart. I tend to update about once a month.)

I’m not sure I’d be interested in a song a month. A lot depends on the quality of the songs. (Not that you wouldn’t be able to pull that off. From what I’ve heard, you could.) However, generally speaking I forget to download them etc. As for paying for it, again I’m not sure. Then again if there was a good way to deliver the songs every month the $12 subscription plan is good too. Another option would be to have a couple of options, free in exchange for x number of links to the service, donation, and payment, etc.

Generally speaking I do not recommend services to my friends unless specifically asked for one, but if it was remarkable in both artistic quality and innovative in the delivery technology I might. I’m not really crazy about noisetrade’s five e-mail address system, people can be funny about that kind of thing. (Spam and such.) If it was particularly remarkable in artistic quality then I probably would recommend it on that basis alone regardless of delivery. I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to recommending things!

Hope you can figure out what you want to do!


John Brainard · 13 Apr ’09 at 2:01 pm


I use Google Reader to keep track of the blogs I find most interesting, so blogs get hit when they have content. I don’t mind reading blogs that only get content updates once in a while.

As for the music, I like a physical copy to purchase. I am more likely to buy music I can sample first and I like to support artists… If you posted music on your blog as free downloads and I liked it, I would be inclined to purchase your CDs when I visit the book store and come see you live when you’re in town.

Hope that helps.

Ryan Paige Howard · 13 Apr ’09 at 3:58 pm

OK now I’m not sure if I’m a good one to answer this question… I’m horrible on updating my own blog.
I personally love it when bloggers I follow put up new content at least a couple times a week(like three new post) sure once a day is great too, but I feel like the post are often better when they’re spread out a little.

Yes, I would be interested in a subscription- based song club [= A whole CD in a year I think would be pretty cool and never knowing what you’re going to get every month would be a neat surprise. I really like the $12 subscription plan, that’s about the average price for a CD. I would recommend the service to my friends and family if I liked the tunes and thought they would like it also.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts on your questions and I can’t wait to see what you do.

Have a great day
Bye For Now,

Heather C · 13 Apr ’09 at 5:34 pm

1. I like seeing new blog posts as often as the writer wishes to write. I check about twice a week, unless I see something on FB, like today.
2. Now a “free download” wouldn’t be free if we had to pay for it, right? :o) Anyways, I personally, wouldn’t be interested. Not because of the paying for it, but I’d rather have a whole album at once, I guess.

Kevin Zoll · 14 Apr ’09 at 8:58 am

1) I’m horrible about updating my own blog. Add new material to a blog one a week at a minimum. Otherwise the frequency with which search bots crawl your site will decrease, and that is a bad thing. The more often you update, the more readers you will retain/attract.

2) “Free download”, I love free stuff. Then again a dollar a song is not unreasonable, as long as I know what I am getting.

Rebekah Berthet · 14 Apr ’09 at 10:28 am

I think once or twice a week is good..like one of the people above me said, I also like it when the posts are spread out a little..
I like the $1 a song idea..I would probably recommend the service to my friends, but they’d probably all already know 🙂

Greg Glovins · 14 Apr ’09 at 11:23 am

1…daily updates in a blog do NOT make me more apt to read the blog. Regular & consistent updates are what cause me to read one’s blog – other than occasional one time link read.

2…regarding new song/month; i’d probably be in the “cant wait for the entire album to come out” group. Free is always a nice “get me in the door”, but i have NO trouble paying for the music i enjoy of an artist who has paid the price to produce it. I also believe that charging for something attaches value to the item. Inherently, I WANT to listen to it more when i pay for it. Re donations…I’m not much into the “give me what u think you should” mentality. People know how much music costs.

CH…thanks for the opportunity to comment.


Billy Jepma · 14 Apr ’09 at 5:31 pm

Hey guys. Great question Christopher. I normally check or blog five times a week, maybe more. But I like it when there’s good posts. Some times once a day is to much. I say publish at least four posts. I love visiting here and hearing about what’s going on with you and your awesome family.

Billy Jepma · 14 Apr ’09 at 5:35 pm

Oops, when i was typing my comment, it posted it three times before I could even finish it. No idea why, but let me finish if you don’t mind. The song idea is cool. I would pay $1 for a song. That’s a really cool idea.
Thanks for sharing, sorry my comment got screwed up.


Ron Porter · 14 Apr ’09 at 8:43 pm

1) I think the content of a blog would tend to be better if the writer of the blog didn’t feel like they needed to post daily, therefore posting something just to post something. Obviously there will be times when you may post once or twice a day, but there also may be times when you post once or twice a week. I

2) Songs are good! I like the idea of a 12 month subscription, with a song a month. I also like how you posted the song “You Alone” for the followers of your blog to hear the unfinished version, it’s like a bonus…that may be something to consider too! You get a song of the month, but also get bonus tracks as you see fit to post them….sometimes songs just need to be heard!

Hope that helps!! Love ya brother!!

Scott · 16 Apr ’09 at 12:53 am

I also use google reader. I prefer not posting every day just to post something. Quality is more important than quantity. I have enough blogs in my reader that I can get swamped often with posts.

Christopher Hopper · 16 Apr ’09 at 12:32 pm

Great feedback everyone. Thanks a lot for that. It seems the consciousness from everyone here, Twitter, and FB, is that quality out-bids frequency, and that a non-mandatory donate button beside every new song would be a good idea. Accept for Greg who always wants to give me money and make me rich, which I bless him for. Ah, if only the rest of my listeners were like him. Although I do have to agree that money does imply value as a general rule.

My plan, it would seem, is to offer a song-a-month, recordings you won’t be able to get anywhere else…not even on future releases, at least not in the same form. So for those still wanting “buy a whole CD,” you’ll get that. But this will be like the “and then some” category. Rough cuts, demos, stuff I’m working on, as well as some polished, not-sound-anywhere else kind of material. A nice mix for people that really enjoy music and not just something the squeaks for the Top-40.

Again, thanks for the comments. They really mean a lot and help me shape my web-presence a lot. Blessings! ch:

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