hopper_laneThis morning I woke up at 6am and decided to go running. Sure, it took me twenty minutes to convince myself it was a good thing. But I did it still the same. Eventually. 6:32am and I was out the door.

I covered just over a mile. Two stops. Lots of spit. Almost some vomit. But I did it. One word: ugly.

It’s been over two years since I last went “serious running” down my road. Call it the pace of life, the demands of responsibilities, but somewhere along the line, running stopped being important to me. What changed? The thought of knowing I wasn’t stewarding my body. Sure. Or maybe the pregnancy-sympathy weight I noticed lingering above my belt.

Many times in life we know something is right, yet we don’t do it. I know exercising is right. And running was my thing back in high school. My best mile time was 4:41. Pretty stinking fast if you know you’re stuff. But today? I was too embarrassed to even keep time.

The point is that I can’t rely on my exercise from fifteen years ago to keep me in shape today. It’s only my consistency in the present that positions me for future success. Often that’s how we treat our experiences with God. We had a great encounter “back in the day.” But is that what’s sustaining you now? If so, I’d warn you about trying to put any weight on it. If my return to running this morning can teach us all a lesson, it’s that a relationship with God is best kept consistent; reentry is ugly, and the alternative to not picking it back up is planning for a health-related disaster.



mooney · 16 Apr ’09 at 2:17 pm

many parallels to that one sir. You want to start running regular, let me know.

Bit · 16 Apr ’09 at 2:41 pm

really true! wow…lately I’ve found that…consistency is one of the most vital things in the world, in nearly every capacity…our walks with Him, marriages, relationships, friendships, our health, our occupations….

thanks for sharing, and keep on keeping on runnin’ =)

Mommy · 18 Apr ’09 at 5:41 pm

Good for you CK! I took the kayak out on the lake today, first time this year. It was sensational!

Christopher Hopper · 23 Apr ’09 at 7:55 pm

Mooney: thanks! will keep u posted.

Bit: thanks for the encouragement. and congrats on your engagement!

Mommy: i saw the pic! i love how much u love your kayak!


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