Been thinking a lot about worship and its roll in the Body. As a worship leader, there burns in me a cry to hear the new song that the Lord is singing over his people (a prophetic voice), and a yearning to express to Him the new song of our hearts in this hour of history (a voice of declaration and intercession).

While that is still brewing, I found this incredible post of 87 Resources on Worship by Scott Thomas over at Acts 29. Exhaustive! Thank you, Scott! Definitely worth browsing through.

And three worship albums that I’ve really been enjoying over the past two weeks, all falling under the modern Gospel/Worship category, are Free Chapel (Carlos Sanchez), Freddy Rodriguez, and Trent Cory. You can also preview each of these fabulous worship leaders on the widget to the right. Enjoy!


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Alexander Field · 5 Apr ’09 at 2:01 am

For the record, as a worshiper myself, I certainly long for a new song as well – I think God is moving in the Church right now and has more for us in worship to come. Thanks for your post!

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