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MARCH 06 - 7pm : Joy Community Church, 908 N. Goodman St., Rochester, NY
MARCH 07 - 8pm : BT's Cafe, Voller Hall, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY
MARCH 08 - 6pm : Faith Chapel, 4113 W. Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 

Rochester & Syracuse 


The Live at The Lyric CD Release Tour will be hitting Rochester and Syracuse this weekend, so if you missed our dates two weeks ago, please come on out and see us! We’ve been having an absolute blast sharing this new music and the response from everyone has been overwhelming.

SPECIAL NOTE: Saturday night’s event at Roberts will be extra special as we’ll be playing with singer/song writers/guitarists Nate Cronk and Jeremiah Garcia for a veritable guitar-fest-o-rama!

ustream_logo_191For those unable to join us, you can still catch all the live action on USTREAM. We’ll be doing our best to give you a live feed from each venue online.


facebook_logo_91If you are a Twitter addict, you can follow me at “find_ch” and keep track (if you can!) of my crazy tweets! You can also send me a friend request on FaceBook if you like, too! Social networking on the net is so much fun. And for an added spiritual component, please see my recent post on using internet technology to advance the Gospel on my blog.

Please remember, if you don’t have the cash to purchase the new album right now, please feel free to download an MP3 version of it for free at NoiseTrade.




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Len Flack · 5 Mar ’09 at 10:46 pm

As I mentioned on Twitter the other night, I’m really digging the Live at the Lyric album. Great stuff, Christopher! I hope to post a review on my blog soon. Also, Nate Cronk is an old friend of mine, so I really wish I could hit that Roberts Wesleyan show; I’m sure it will be an awesome experience. Will have to catch the the Ustream feed.

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