Hey gang! Below you can read a press release about an amazing event I have coming next weekend. Many of you may have already heard about it, but I felt like I was supposed to extend the invitation beyond just those in my home county. If you are able to make it out for any portion of the weekend, please do. This is not your “usual lock-in,” but an intense time of seeking the face of God on behalf of a region. Thanks for reading on. And Happy New Year to all of you!  ch:


(Click here or on image for high resolution 4×5 Flyer) Watertown, NY / 01.03.09: JANUARY 9th-11th 2009 @ New Life Christian Church: Join us for 36 hours of prayer and fasting hosted by 33 Live in conjunction with Faith Fellowship Watertown as teens from all over the region come together to seek the Lord in worship. Various worship teams will rotate through harp-and-bowl style worship and intercession, while a handful of leaders will lead directed times of prayer, others preaching encouraging messages to move the time forward.

From 7pm-9pm on Friday the 9th, the event will kick off with a county-wide prayer meeting where all churches are invited to attend. Then from 9pm to past midnight, the teens, leaders, and any adults wishing to stay, will continue in a time of seeking God’s face. After some sleep early Saturday morning, the remainder of the day will involve strategic prayer for each of Jefferson County’s towns, leadership, and schools, including travel to and from strategic prayer points in the region. The 36 hours will conclude Sunday morning at 7am, giving people time to return to their home churches for Sunday morning service. Finally, as a special conclusion, we will be finishing this powerful weekend with a county-wide Unity Service at Faith Fellowship Watertown Sunday evening at 6:30pm.

The youth will be sleeping at the church with ample adult supervision in accordance with a lock-in style weekend. They are asked to bring their Bibles, sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, and deodorant. No, seriously. Water and juice will be provided. As this is a serious time of intercession and seeking God, a spiritual practice which requires a lot of self-discipline, we ask that parents and leaders be up front with interested youth to let them know this is not for the faint of heart, spiritually or physically.

There is no fee for the event, nor do you need to sign up. Just show up. You and/or your group may come for as little or as much of the event as you are able. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the NLCC at: 315.788.0825

Yours truly,

Pastor Christopher Hopper (NLCC)
Pastor Troy Matteson (FFW)


Ryan Paige Howard · 4 Jan ’09 at 1:48 am

This sounds like a lot of fun! It is always awesome to grow stronger in our Heavenly Father, especially doing it with other fellow sisters and brothers! I hope everyone has great time!
Bye For Now,
Ryan Paige Howard

Christopher Hopper · 4 Jan ’09 at 9:03 am

Amen to that, Ryan! Yeah, we’re really looking forward to this. As a youth pastor for over a decade, I can’t stand “normal” lock-ins; agh! But give me a group of teens who are passionate for the presence of God and you can lock me in a sanctuary for as long as you want! Like Joshua staying behind in the Tent of Meeting long after Moses went home. ch:

wayne thomas batson · 4 Jan ’09 at 4:15 pm

Wow, Bro! Sounds intense. Make sure you all lift up the arts…that Christian authors, artists, entertainers, and musicians would offer up something better than what the world offers. Amen?

Christian Fahey · 5 Jan ’09 at 3:11 pm

What’s a weanie? Is it a truncated form of weaniopolous? Is this profiling? Or are we precluding the weanieization of our great land? Food for thought (on a bun, with onions, mustard and a Yankee game in front of it). 🙂

Kirk · 5 Jan ’09 at 4:09 pm

Ha ha…..I have to say Chris you made me laugh……but where did you get that from? Is it somewhere in the article? I’m lost……trying to find it.

But I DO vote for the food for thought….ha! That actually made me hungry.

mooney · 5 Jan ’09 at 4:16 pm

Cool. Laila wants to know why you call it Burn.

Christopher Hopper · 5 Jan ’09 at 11:08 pm

Wayne: Thank! I’ll add that to my list of topics.

Christian: A weanie is a toothless, spineless amoebic derivative of a soft shell crab who, in its very nature is weak willed, has constructed in its metaphysical psyche a propensity for evading the most subtle form of hardship; also known as “whining.”

Kirk: A believe Chris’s explanations are taken from Herstine’s Fifth Dicertation on Amoeba Classifications (Hardvorde, 1971, Lobster & Butter).

Mooney: Tell her it’s because when teenagers don’t eat for 36 hours, they start holding cigarette lighters under their palms, threatening to inflict personal injury if their pastors don’t throw them some food. It’s pretty ugly. That’s why it’s only 26 hours…you should see what happens at hour 37:20…



mooney · 5 Jan ’09 at 11:41 pm

haha! You remember she just turned seven, right? I’ll run it past beth before I tell her. To quote a good friend of mine, “Love your guts.”

Christian Fahey · 6 Jan ’09 at 11:11 am

Kirk, the weanie reference is on the flyer itself: No Weanie’s Allowed. You guys are maniacs. LOL 🙂

Christopher Hopper · 12 Jan ’09 at 4:30 pm

Mooney: Yeah…I wanted to see your mad interpretation skills.

CF: I actually put that on the flyer? ch:

Jamie Ingerson · 25 Jan ’09 at 4:14 pm

Wow you’s guys with your fancy words make me feel even more like the redneck I am!!! (CF)

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