…or 800,000,000 candle power halogen spot light? You decide.

After staying on IM last night with a few friends as we worked on our latest books, or just chatted about how the election results were unfolding, we obviously all started sharing our thoughts about President-elect Barrack Obama. But it was my sister Hillary who sent me a quick question seconds before I was going to sign off.

“So what are your feelings about the election results?”

It may not seem like much to you, but I suddenly felt  substantial pressure as my baby sister was checking in with her big brother. We have a great relationship so I knew my words would not fall on deaf ears. And then I thought about the people that might check in with my blog to maybe ask a similar question. I know, I know. My bald head exudes confidence. That’s why you’re here. So I’ll expand on what I told her.

First, I offer my congratulations to President-elect Obama on his victory. Whether I agree with him or not, either on issues politically, spiritually, or morally, he has been elected by the majority of our nation’s people. You can argue that all you want with your conspiracy theories, but in either case, you’ll need faith: Faith to believe the voting was skewed, or faith to believe that our system of government works. I choose to believe the best; to go elsewhere is just craziness and I pity whoever has to live with you.

The point here is that I stand behind my President. Period. I’m called to do so Biblcally, and he has my prayers for wisdom, guidance, and Holy-Spirit-anointed leadership. For me to do anything else would constitute sin, not against me or my country, but against the Lord himself, just as Samuel said, “As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by failing to pray for you.” (1 Samuel 12:23 emphasis added)

I have committed to supporting my President wholeheartedly, whoever he or she may be. But not blindly. This means while they have my faithful prayers, I will not just lay down on issues that I believe in. Nor should you. But to speak against a man in the ways I’ve heard some of my fellow Republicans and Conservatives do in recent days is a dangerous spiritual error. I refuse to go there simply because I have been called, by Jesus himself, to bless those who persecute me and to love my enemies, neither of which I consider Mr. Obama to be. So how much more should he have my genuine encouragement?

Lastly, I am reminded that it is the Lord who sets up leaders and brings them low. This means that government leadership, while a critical issue, is actually secondary to a greater ruling body: The Church. As ambassadors of a different, divine Kingdom, I believe we have been given a unique and exciting opportunity to rise up like never before. Our President-elect is inheriting some of the toughest problems our nation has ever faced…most saying the roughest economy our nation has seen in over 70 years. Would you want his job? The point here is that our leaders need help…from a greater Source of power. And as representatives of “the way things should be,” it’s up to the beautiful bride of Christ to begin to take back the areas of cultural influence that have been squandered by those who honestly have no idea what they’re doing.

A forewarning: Such action will require us to out-work, out-sweat, out-think, and out-do the world and its systems at every turn. To out-work Satan himself. And many lovely Christians I know are not up to this task. I love them nonetheless. But as for me and my home, that’s why we do what we do. That’s why we pour our lives out for young people, that’s why I stay up late and get up early to write books and music that will hopefully affect culture, preach till I’m hoarse, fly and leave my kids when I don’t want to, strum my guitar in worship until my fingers bleed, and invest every dime I have into businesses that will advance the Kingdom with their proceeds. I’m all in. Everything is on the line. Everything.

My post title is not in reference to any great “light bulb” ideas that I may have this morning; its in direct reference to you choosing to be a light in the midst of darkness. Anyone can be a light in light (thank you Pastor Harvey Carey). But only true Believers are lights in darkness.

This is our greatest hour. In the words of Dave Matthews, “Stand up.”



Jason (Galactic Overlord) · 5 Nov ’08 at 11:00 am

Hi Chris,

Good piece. I agree with it very much.

As Ronald Reagan said after losing to Ford in 1976, “I will lie me down and bleed awhile, and then I will rise and fight again.”

There will be a next time.

Christian · 5 Nov ’08 at 11:15 am

Good post, C. Remember Daniel 2, 4. God set Sen. Obama in. This is the hand of God not the work of the devil. And we do need to pray. Evangelicals, especially white ones, tend to go into passive relax mode because the current leader believes the right (or at least says he/she does) about the two truncated overarching values (this is not a good thing, only the truncated reality): Abortion and gay marriage. God help us. I’ve not prayed enough for current POTUS but am determined to do so for POTUS-elect Obama. And issues aside, I’m delighted that an African-American (who professes to be a born again believer, unlike his opponent) has been elected to our nation’s highest office. I’m concerned deeply for his position on certain non-negotiable items but having an African-American in the highest executive position in our nation, if not the world has been a long time coming. A long time coming.

S.D. Smith · 5 Nov ’08 at 12:39 pm

Thanks C,

I appreciate your courage both in identifying some issues before the election and for having a gracious and biblical view after.

Wayne Thomas Batson · 5 Nov ’08 at 12:43 pm

Christopher, thanks for the admonition. No argument from me. We have fought the good fight for the election. We lost. But now, we need to draw swords for the Lord and serve till it hurts, and then serve some more. Isn’t it God who changes the heart? Then why not pray that God will change Obama’s heart on abortion and other issues that matter to God and His people? Maybe Obama will be like Pharoah and harden his heart, but maybe not. We don’t know. But we do know that God whom we serve has infinite power.

Alassiel · 5 Nov ’08 at 12:44 pm

Thank you for that post. You’re very right, we do need to pray for Obama. I hadn’t thought about it that way before.

Rebecca LuElla Miller · 5 Nov ’08 at 2:27 pm

The point here is that I stand behind my President. Period. I’m called to do so Biblcally, and he has my prayers for wisdom, guidance, and Holy-Spirit-anointed leadership. Amen, brother. Well said. This is an excellent post-election article and much needed. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Matt Harris · 5 Nov ’08 at 7:18 pm

Great thoughts Christopher! I also agree that the church needs to rise up, be smart, and prayerfully support our leaders. I feel we also need to make the word of God the center again, too many of us have been going down our little side trails of our “new thing,” and we have left behind the center, the Cross.

Love ya, congats on the baby on the way!
Matt the metalsmith

Shane Deal · 5 Nov ’08 at 7:54 pm

Great post Christopher!

mooney · 6 Nov ’08 at 1:47 pm

oh what to do First, thanks for your post. Is this a return of the flog?

Second, I point you to a Q&A article from Christianity Today as food for thought: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2008/januaryweb-only/104-32.0.html?start=2

Here is an excerpt:

You’ve talked about your experience walking down the aisle at Trinity United Church of Christ, and kneeling beneath the cross, having your sins redeemed, and submitting to God’s will. Would you describe that as a conversion? Do you consider yourself born again?

I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life. But most importantly, I believe in the example that Jesus set by feeding the hungry and healing the sick and always prioritizing the least of these over the powerful. I didn’t ‘fall out in church’ as they say, but there was a very strong awakening in me of the importance of these issues in my life. I didn’t want to walk alone on this journey. Accepting Jesus Christ in my life has been a powerful guide for my conduct and my values and my ideals.


Ron Porter · 7 Nov ’08 at 8:51 pm

Very well said Christopher!! You truly are a light in the midst of darkness. I’m proud to know you as a friend and a warrior for Jesus!!

Elyssa B. · 9 Nov ’08 at 12:29 am

Hi Chris….I loved what you had to say about how Christians should view the results of this election. I had a question though. I was reading your post before and linked to Batson’s website and read his article. I am only 22 and just became a born-again Christian in 2006. I am part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on my campus which purpose is to spread the word of Christ on campuses across the United States. I feel that a lot of young Christians my age feel that while abortion and gay marriage are God issues and it is important to research how the candidates felt about these issues, there are other issues that are just as important. I think that young Christians feel that poverty, AIDS, global warming or environmental degradation, war and other issues, economic issues are all God issues. In this sense I feel that Obama has some strengths on these fields. I am not suggesting here that McCain didn’t care about those issues either. I guess I just feel that we needed a new viewpoint and while I might not agree with everything that Obama does or what he says, he is the best thing so far and therefore I will pray for him day in and day out. I will pray that he will not make rash decisions on the gay marriage and abortion front. I trust that the Lord has the key to everyone’s heart door and can and will change the hearts of those that need in his time.

I am sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I just didn’t want to be blamed as a young Evangelical for voting for obama. I didn’t want to be blamed for being a sheep or not having a reason to vote for him.

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