I’m learning a lot about being stretched by God in this season. Between 21 consecutive nights of house guests, writing curriculum and re-structuring leadership for re-launching a youth ministry and a discipleship school, doing my final re-write of Book III, preparing for a West Coast book tour, concerts, youth conferences, a speaking schedule, and helping to oversee a church building project as well as two new pizza business, I’m certainly feeling the affects of fatigue.

But not as much as I was six months ago.

While at a leaders meeting this past Saturday, God really moved during our time of corporate prayer. Not during our brainstorming sessions. Not during coffee and donuts. During prayer. When the dust had settled after our time of seeking God, we all rubbed our eyes and sat back, stunned at how God had met with us. Stunned at how we felt energized. Refreshed. And how many new ideas had come with so much peace accompanying them.

So often it seems we, or at least how I roll, live our lives and try make time for God, when in reality–a truer reality–we should be living our lives for God and trying to make time for everything else.

Granted, my life is pretty full and I’ve seen a lot of success, with more coming, I hope. It’s truly amazing how much we can do and be successful without even bothering to take more than ten minutes with God in a day. Even less. He’s just that gracious. But as we were in prayer, God gave me a little line that has really challenged me to determine which kind of “success” I want. Here’s what I mean…

“A life lived for God is successful, but a prayer-lead life lived with God is divinely successful.”

I’m in a season where I don’t just want to be successful, I want to be divinely successful. Anyone can be successful if they work hard enough, cling to diligence, and embrace a lifestyle of excellence. Shoot. Some people even get lucky! But to be divinely excellent, that is quite another thing. To have God breath on His own ideas for your life, for Him to dictate what and when you do, that is something heavenly. Divine. And though I’ve heard it said a thousand times, preached, taught, and recited, I am recognizing that this kind of success only comes through prayer.

Brad Ringer, one of our amazing staff members here at DIBOR, always challenges me with a question: “Are you replacing prayer with study?” Often we replace reading the Bible or a good spiritual book, or even journaling, with time that we should be in prayer. Why? Because reading my Bible is something I can do, and touch, and measure. But prayer gets no glory. I can’t measure it, save maybe in time. But true prayer is much deeper than a religious exercise or a discipline. It’s communion with the Holy Spirit. And I feel as though I’m rediscovering that.

If I ever needed refreshment in the midst of an onslaught of activities, it’s now. If I ever needed divine inspiration and direction, Holy Ghost prompted initiatives and Godly time-management skills, if I ever needed peace in the midst of the storm, I need it today.

Thanks for reading.



wayne thomas batson · 26 Aug ’08 at 8:42 pm

All I can say is me too, bro

Christian · 26 Aug ’08 at 9:19 pm

This is good, C. Real good!

Shane Deal · 27 Aug ’08 at 4:34 am

Excellent and challenging post Christopher!

mooney · 29 Aug ’08 at 3:22 pm

In all seriousness people, is Joel picking his nose? Not only did someone have their eyes open, but he got a picture.

– mooney

Bit · 2 Sep ’08 at 8:35 pm

This is so, so true…and I’ve been challenged with this alot lately…
You’re so right about something being OF Him…not just for Him…like you said…am I really, truly LIVING for Christ? Am I communing with the Spirit? If I am born of the Spirit, must I not live by the Holy Spirit…

thank you for this confirmation, Christopher…may His breeze refresh you and your wonderful wife and little ones!

Christopher Hopper · 29 Sep ’08 at 4:33 pm

Thanks for commenting my friends. Love you all! I appreciate all your kind words so much.


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