I try not to bring work home. I think most of us try not to, especially as parents. I avoid checking email, answering texts or phone calls, and many times I just turn my phone off altogether. Last nig... Read More

Careers vs Jobs

Unemployment numbers came out today, and all this talk of jobs has got me thinking. What is a job anyways? The White House certainly has a particular, shovel-ready idea about them. But really, when I ... Read More

Day In List Form

Sprig Records Studio Flooring Consultation: complete Trade Show Display Booth: designed and ordered Redline Conference Tshirts: designed and ordered Meeting with Youth Pastor: complete Email, Texting,... Read More

Backstage Right

Most people at New Life never see backstage right. And for good reason. It’s ugly. It has a work bench, cables, staging area, racks, shelves, and more odds and ends than we know what to do with.... Read More

Keeping It Fresh

When was the last time you were at work and the thought went through your head, I’m so tired of doing this over and over? It could pertain to just about any element of your life, because repetit... Read More