Europe or Bust

Jenny and I are off to Switzerland for the annual Discerning the Times Conference in Yverdon, about an hour outside of Geneva. We’re excited to see dear friends again, and honored by yet another... Read More


I’m somewhat obsessed with taking pictures of random stuff. Particularly markings, stickers, and signs. I might as well have my iPhone glued to my eye ball and wear a sign that says: Caution: th... Read More

God Spaces

Last night Jennifer and I had the privilege of taking this stage in the mountain-ensconced city of Martigny. Christians from all over the region gathered together for their monthly night of worship, a... Read More

Fait du Bruit

Our first three meetings here in Switzerland have been joy-filled and boisterous. Or maybe I’ve just been boisterous. Either way, as the Swiss say, I like to “Fait du bruit,” or make... Read More

Almost Home

I’m writing this in Syracuse airport, having covered more than 5,000 miles in the last 12 hours, and less than 70 miles from home. I’m full of wonderful tales for my children, chocolate fo... Read More