No Touring Here

Photo by Jennifer Hopper This is my first summer not touring in 13 years. We’ve kindly declined every conference and event request for speaking or leading worship, and it seems our fields in Eur... Read More

Changing Types

Eva is my Type A. She was arranging her own schedule when she was three. She even invented a way of measuring time leading up to major events by referring to sleep as “light naps” (afterno... Read More


Breeze Tell tails on face Ever shifting Ever changing pace Windward Begging sails, heel Ever windward Steady on with keel Leaning Sheeting Ever trimming Rising to the mark Having thus embarked We retu... Read More

Bow or Bust

There are people who wave at those embarking on a journey. There are people who tag along. And then there are people who sit as far forward as they can. Simply because they are born to. Move up a seat... Read More