Legacy Watchers

All the boys came to snuggle in bed yesterday morning. Well, Levi didn’t have a choice as he’s got all the mobility of a large slug, and twice as much fluid excretion. But still, the impor... Read More

For My Lurkers

My kids love a good story. They hunker down in our bed and get all sorts of excited. They lurk in the covers. And every day hundreds of you stop by this site and lurk. Waiting for a good story or an i... Read More

Commercial Value

In order to combat the onslaught of self-narcissistic gluttony that constantly assaults those living in these great United States, we talk to our kids often about children who live in the rest of the ... Read More

Who ‘Dat Is?

I arrived at church last night wearing a costume. After landing in DC and connecting to “Sara-cruise” (as the flight attendant kept pronouncing it), we made great time from the airport and... Read More

The Family Lotto

I am the luckiest man in the world. Luckiest, if you have a weak grip on reality and trust fate. Blessed, if you understand that God honors choices made in pursuit of Him, regardless of shortcomings. ... Read More

Marshmallow Fun

Last night we decided to stay home despite some very fun offerings from close friends. Jenny is only 3 weeks away from her due date, and trying to conserve energy. So she chilled on the sail-hammock w... Read More

THK Episode 3

In Episode 3, the audience gets a look at The Hopper Kids at the kitchen table. From Judah’s priceless cereal destruction and hilarious “foo-foo,” to Eva and Luik leading the Dutch B... Read More

Snow Day Pics

Over the past week we’ve had record snowfalls, and more snow on the ground than I can remember since moving here in 2005. We’ve canceled Wednesday night church services two weeks in a row,... Read More