Up To Date

The hiatus in posting has been due to the following, which might be of interest to you if you enjoy this sort of summary. If not, please go to the next blog on your reading list as you might get bored... Read More

Born To

My wife was born to worship, and born to inspire others to worship. Yes she’s also a remarkable wife, a sacrificial mother, a faithful friend, a talented photographer, and a gifted songwriter. B... Read More

Rearview Mirror

Every morning I leave for work, I drive down this road and look back in this rearview mirror. My wife is back there. My children are back there playing. Without me. Ahead of me lies conquest. Mission.... Read More


I worked out for the second time last night. I almost threw up. I’m no longer at a place where my squirrel-like metabolism affords me the choice of whether I work out or not: I have to work out.... Read More