Forest = Cereal

Last night I had an amazing summer conversation with my daughter, Eva, outside under the pines. Correction: it was a listening session. A single, unending stream of thought (less one addition from me) where I realized my baby girl is much less baby and far more girl. But I’m sure Read more…


Diving For Lost Treasures

I lost my anchor yesterday. One minute I had cleated off the line as I have a hundred times before. The next minute I’m noticing we’re drifting far from where we’ve anchored. I step lively to the bow and… …nothing. The anchor, chain and 200-feet of line are completely missing. Such is Read more…


Wonder Wonderfully

When we’re little, we see everything with wonder. When we grow up, we see things and wonder. When we’re old, we wonder how much we missed. When we’ve arrived, it’s wonderful. Seeing my parents hide their grandchildren’s Easter eggs and Easter baskets around our property yesterday was a real treat; Read more…


Hang In There

The monkey bars were meant to be a game, not a torture device. The trick is to remember your Daddy is always there to catch you and help you advance to the next rung just because He can. Some people believe He’s strong like that. ch: