God Spaces

Last night Jennifer and I had the privilege of taking this stage in the mountain-ensconced city of Martigny. Christians from all over the region gathered together for their monthly night of worship, a... Read More


My parents said that, as a boy, I had a new project every day. It’s amazing to me that how we function as children we often function as adults. Hopefully more maturely. I feel so blessed that I ... Read More

Hello Somebody

Inspired? Let me know below. Or ask questions to Hello Somebody’s James Lee at the end of this article in the comments section. The marketing scene, by nature, is loud. I’ve stood in confe... Read More

Tuned In

So I went wake boarding for the very first time last night. No, that’s not in the background. Who do you think I am? That’s my friend, John. I’m the one taking the picture. My stunts... Read More