Consider a bird. No, no. Not like that. I mean, act as if you never saw one at all. As if a bird hasn’t ever existed before. No references. No memories. Just pure imagination. All its systems working together to create flight. And self-awareness. And self-reliance. And it’s flock mentality. Read more…


Life Office

How Tech Has Created A New Kind of Work Space Much like Starbucks purported itself to be the new Third Space, attempting to replace “home, office, church” with “home, office, Starbucks,” (finding it at least a little ironic that now some churches serve Starbucks), and that storytellers try and hide Read more…


Creating Transcendent Art

I heard the kids stirring downstairs early this morning. Why don’t they sleep in on Saturdays? Jennifer says it’s because they’re my children. Meaning, they have my inescapable wake-up-early-despite-what-time-I-went-to-bed gene. It’s a blessing. And a curse. After finishing a book on my iPad, I came downstairs to feed the tribe. Read more…


Northern Lights

My iPhone went crazy. Text messages, voice mails. “Look up at the sky!” Not sure what others saw along our latitude, but northern NY had a brilliant display of the aurora borealis. And I only caught the last 5 minutes. This is the original, unaffected shot I took on my Read more…


Vintage was Advanced

I love seeing vintage creations through the eyes of how forward-thinking its designers thought they were. Cutting edge. The height of technology. The latest processes, materials, and style-lines. We think it’s valuable because it’s oldschool, they thought it was valuable because it was ahead of its time. What 2011 creations Read more…


It’s In The Details

There are any number of common-speak expressions that all personify value being held in the amount of detail something has. “Good leadership,” even, “is in the details.” And how interesting that in our fast-paced, bulk-discount lifestyle, we often miss the things that we say have the most value. I’m not Read more…


Art & Business

Success within the artistic world of expression and communication is often elusive, even to those creating and speaking in it. Create something so abstract that people don’t know what you’re trying to say, and you’ve missed the point of that art form; create something so generic for the sake of Read more…


Creation 2011 or Bust

Speaking tomorrow and Friday at Creation Fest NE in Mt. Union, PA. Extremely honored to be back again. Can’t wait to see old friend and meet new ones. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for moment-by-moment updates from the festival, including backstage pics and surprises. ch: