Fait du Bruit

Our first three meetings here in Switzerland have been joy-filled and boisterous. Or maybe I’ve just been boisterous. Either way, as the Swiss say, I like to “Fait du bruit,” or make... Read More

Backstage Right

Most people at New Life never see backstage right. And for good reason. It’s ugly. It has a work bench, cables, staging area, racks, shelves, and more odds and ends than we know what to do with.... Read More

When You Look

Jenny and I were driving into church Sunday morning when I snapped this pic from behind the wheel. We had views like this pretty much the entire drive in. Jenny was especially impressed because her na... Read More

Spent for Jesus

Last night was glorious. And it took all I had. The event organizers billed Saturday night as a concert, and we certainly started off in that vein. But after an hour of music, something happened. I fe... Read More

Clearly Clarens

After a short drive around Lake Geneva to the mountain-ensconced, lake adorned village Villeneuve, Joseph and I were treated to a long-overdue kebab. Following a walk along the lake, we headed back to... Read More


nos·tal·gia/nä?stalj?/ Noun: A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. This photo, shot earlier this year in our red room, is stunning to... Read More

The db Demon

Whether you’re a mathematician or not, you don’t need to fully grasp the logarithmic function of the decibel to know when you’re in the presence if really loud noise. In fact, the tw... Read More