Make It Happen

Moments don’t happens to us. We happen to moments. They take creativity and energy (which equates to virtue). Add some forethought, sometimes money (because money = time, and time = life), and a... Read More

Gallop Amps

I was at a friend’s 50th birthday Saturday night in PA, and one of his best friends flew in and surprised him from Las Vegas. Nice friend. Don Gallop is a church planter, something I respect hig... Read More


Jenny and I are tucked away from the world. It’s a wonderful feeling. My iPhone is sitting on my bedroom bookshelf back home, enjoying the “off” position. And my brain is relishing t... Read More


Our hop over to Guatemala has been eye-opening, heart-breaking and awe-inspiring. Beautiful people. Breathtaking country. Rich history. Gut-wrenching abuse. Life-long Christ-commitment. Sacrificial lo... Read More

China Bound

Tomorrow morning at 3:30am, I begin the long voyage to China. I’m excited to see a new land, one which I’ve read so much about. But I’m sad to be leaving my family, and will miss dee... Read More