Sing Hallelujah

My buddies Mike Kim and Nate Cronk just released their new single together, Sing Hallelujah. Go snag the track on iTunes, and watch the music video on YouTube. (You may or may not see a crazy bald whi... Read More

God Spaces

Last night Jennifer and I had the privilege of taking this stage in the mountain-ensconced city of Martigny. Christians from all over the region gathered together for their monthly night of worship, a... Read More

Backstage Right

Most people at New Life never see backstage right. And for good reason. It’s ugly. It has a work bench, cables, staging area, racks, shelves, and more odds and ends than we know what to do with.... Read More

The Lair

Serving people. It’s what makes our Production Team tick at New Life. But often we focus so much on serving the people that come in to our services, we don’t realize we’re also servi... Read More