Raul Midón

Yesterday, we discussed what good art is supposed to do, and the fine art character sculptures of Stéphane Halleux and his new animated movie. Here’s some more inspiring work by multi-disciplin... Read More

Mr. Hublot

Art is supposed to capture your imagination. It’s supposed to awaken your childlike sense of wonder, or, at the very least, convict you that you may have lost it. It’s supposed to portray ... Read More

TSR Fan Art

This permanent page is dedicated to all the amazing artists out there who love Aria-Prime as much as I do. These are their works, representational of their dreams of the far-off world above the cloud-... Read More

Gallop Amps

I was at a friend’s 50th birthday Saturday night in PA, and one of his best friends flew in and surprised him from Las Vegas. Nice friend. Don Gallop is a church planter, something I respect hig... Read More