The Sky Riders

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An Inventors World Novel by Christopher Hopper

On the floating cities above the cloud-floor, the only rule is don’t fall.

Enter the avionic steampunk world of master storyteller Christopher Hopper as he takes readers on a fast-paced, death-defying adventure in the skies.

Junar is a seventeen-year-old boy following in the footsteps of his Ace Pilot father, Leif, as a flyer in the Kili-Boranna Guild, better known as The Sky Riders. As if life couldn’t get any better, Junar’s First Year apprenticeship riding the massive birds of the sky, the majestic felrell, takes a fortuitous leap forward when his father is promoted to the most prestigious position in all of Aria-Prime-Timber Pilot. Upon moving to the capital city of Christiana with his family, Junar meets fellow apprentices Liv, a strong-headed and alluring confidant, and Erik, whose favorite pastime is making life miserable for Junar.

Junar’s world takes an unexpected turn, however, when his father has a startling change of heart about his promotion. Embarrassed by his father’s weakness and his mother’s past, Junar endeavors to excel in his apprenticeship, and distances himself from his family by making his own name in the Guild. He sets his sights on competing in the Champions Race-a cross-world gauntlet whose winner is listed among the greatest felrell pilots in history.

But behind the scenes, political factions and government conspiracies collide with Junar’s new plans. The young pilot suffers a horrific blow at the hands of the Zy-Adair-the notorious Sky Pirates. And soon, his perfect world is spiraling out of control.

From his unsuspecting alliance with the Inventors-dubious tinkerers and social outcasts-to his unlikely associations with the Brologi-the Chancellory Police-Junar must find a way to plead his case before the Chancellor of Aria-Prime and piece together a puzzle that threatens his entire world’s way of life.

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What Pre-Release Readers Are Saying

McPhee“This latest book is Hopper in his element. ‘Riders aims sky high and hits the mark.”
– E. McPhee
Quispamsis, NB, Canada

Andy 2“I have one word to describe The Sky Riders: Incredible.”
– Andy Miller
California, USA

Nathan“TSR is a refreshing and captivating novel from one of my dearest friends. You won’t be able to put this down and when you finish it you’ll demand more. That’s what I call a great story.”
– Nathan Reimer website | twitter
Ithaca, NY USA

Trista“This book will transport you to the clouds and beyond with a thrill and a ride on the back of a Felrell. One adventure morphs into another and soon your lost in a world of flying wonders. Hold on tight if you’re afraid of heights. This book will surely sweep you off your feet!”
– Trista Vaporblade

Billy“With The Sky Riders, Christopher Hopper manages to create a fantastical adventure that’s not only a joy to read, but presents the reader with a fully-developed world that’s just waiting to be explored. This is a story that will stick with me for a long time.”
– Billy Jepma
New York, USA

Danny“I can only say one thing. Wow. The book totally swept me off my feet. Fly or die.”
-Daniel Sampson
New Zealand

Ryan“Christopher Hopper has done it again with another unique tale that won’t easily be forgotten. Fly or die. The Sky Riders is a high flying adventure above the clouds, a great new twist on Steampunk, and holds a message for the heart. I really like the way he makes his readers think! Can’t wait for more Inventors World Novels.”
– Ryan Page Howard
California, USA

David“Open the pages of Christopher Hopper’s newest book, The Sky Riders, and prepare to be swept into a world of floating cities, political intrigue, and giant raptors. Fly along for the ride–you won’t regret it.”
– David Sampson
New Zealand

Caleb“This novel grips your body, thrills your mind and questions your very soul. Long live steampunk!”
-Caleb Baker
Pennsylvania, USA

Shane“Christopher Hopper takes you on a wild ride high above the cloud-floor. In the beautiful world of Aria-Prime, the action never stops. The characters are brilliantly written and the action sequences will blow you away. This is Christopher Hopper at his finest. One word that sums up TSR: Fantastic!”
– Shane M.
Watertown, NY USA

Wilby“This is a perfect story for dreamers, as your head is kept in the clouds the entire book! It has strong, memorable characters, perilous action, and great imagination!”
– Wilby Kingston
Avon Lake, Ohio USA

Matthew“The story of the Sky Riders is a roller coaster ride that will make your hopes soar to the apex of the sky and plunge into the unknown.”
Matthew Sampson
New Zealand

Delanie“The Sky Riders is a masterpiece. This book will grip you and send you on a wild flight through the clouds of Aria-Prime, it did me!”
Delanie Douglas

Sierra“Filled with action and suspense, this book will hold any reader’s attention to the very last page!”
Sierra Huntley
South Dakota, USA

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About the Author

TSR Bio Pic Christopher Hopper Header 640x350

CHRISTOPHER HOPPER, author and co-author of numerous novels, including Rise of the Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and Athera’s Dawn, has gathered awards and nominations including The Silver Moonbeam, The Lamplighter, The Clive Staples, and The Pluto. He is also a multi-album recording artist, pastor, visual designer, and restaurateur. His prolific writings in both book and blog form have captured the imaginations of loyal readers around the world. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children in the 1000 Islands of northern New York, and has been known to ride felrell on occasion.