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Book 1 of The White Lion Chronicles by Christopher Hopper

Read the story that turned children into warriors, and warriors into legends.

The Dairne-Reih haven’t been seen in Dionia for generations—their kind and their king, Morgui,
banished long ago from haunting paradise. But when creation shows signs of deterioration, the
kings of the seven realms converge in the sacred Gvindollion gathering to arrive at one inexplicable
conclusion: Morgui has returned.

In the hopes of entrusting Dionia’s brave history and perilous future to a generation that has never
known war, the kings decide to raise up their young sons as an elite group of warriors, known only
as the Dibor.

Gorn, legendary hero of the First Battle, is commissioned to teach the Dibor the art of war, leading
them on a four-year adventure on the Isle of Kirstell. It is Luik, son of Lair, who soon emerges as
the warband’s spirited front man. But he is not the only one of his peers to grow in power; his dear
friend Fane discovers hidden abilities among the Mosfar under the mentorship of Li-Saide of Ot,
while Princess Anorra finds that her lifelong tutor knows as much about combat as he does
about etiquette.

There is little time for the Dibor to enjoy the satisfaction of graduation, however, as a sinister plot
is discovered to dethrone Dionia’s kings and flatten the capital city of Adriel. The Dibor are
summoned to war, along with the rest of Dionia’s fighting men. It is before the gates of Adriel
Palace that Luik and his army face Morgui’s prince, Valdenil, as well as the unending ranks of
the Dairne-Reih.


What Readers Are Saying

“A story that is almost impossible to put down once you begin reading it.”
– Ruth Cowan
Amazon Review

“…The entire book not only makes sense, it is borderline brilliant.”
– Steve Taylor
Amazon Review

“Told with such honesty. Such attention to detail. The story flows beautifully. It soars.”
– Jamieson B. Taylor
Kalamazoo, MI, USA

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About the Author

Rise of the Dibor Header Christopher Hopper Bio Pic

CHRISTOPHER HOPPER, author and co-author of numerous novels, including Rise of the Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and Athera’s Dawn, has gathered awards and nominations including The Silver Moonbeam, The Lamplighter, The Clive Staples, and The Pluto. He is also a multi-album recording artist, pastor, visual designer, and restaurateur. His prolific writings in both book and blog form have captured the imaginations of loyal readers around the world. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children in the 1000 Islands of northern New York, and has been known to swing a Vinfae on occasion.