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Book 3 of The White Lion Chronicles by Christopher Hopper

Those in deepest darkness fight most valiantly for the light.

Hard pressed on every side, the Dibor struggle to overcome insurmountable odds in an effort not just to regain territory, but to survive.

In addition to the growing ranks of the taken, Morgui has summoned the powers of nature to search out and destroy the saviors of Dionia. Tempests hunt those forced to flee by sea, while an otherworldly fire storm chews up the ancient forest of Grandath, destroying anything – or anyone – in its path.

While most of the Dibor manage to survive, the whereabouts of the ill-fated Princess Anorra continues to be unknown. Her faithful friends are unaware of her suffering behind the gates of Haides.

The remaining Dibor soon discover that there is more to Morgui’s madness than simple mayhem, as the dwarves reveal startling knowledge about The Two Trees, and worse still, about Morgui’s attempt to forever thwart the Most High’s plan for victory.

As creation itself endures death throes caused by mounting evil, one thing is clear: Dionia and her champions will never be as they once were. Nor will those in worlds beyond.


What Readers Are Saying

– Jake
Amazon Review

“One of my all time favorite books now, and I feel like it was so much more then a book but a great tool that can be applied to life.”
– Smiley R.
Amazon Review

“I just can’t say enough great things about this entire trilogy and recommend anyone to read it!”
– Yette
Spokane, WA USA

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About the Author

Rise of the Dibor Header Christopher Hopper Bio Pic

CHRISTOPHER HOPPER, author and co-author of numerous novels, including Rise of the Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and Athera’s Dawn, has gathered awards and nominations including The Silver Moonbeam, The Lamplighter, The Clive Staples, and The Pluto. He is also a multi-album recording artist, pastor, visual designer, and restaurateur. His prolific writings in both book and blog form have captured the imaginations of loyal readers around the world. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children in the 1000 Islands of northern New York, and has been known to swing a Vinfae on occasion.