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  • David Hammett

    When is Book 3 in the White Lion Chronicles coming out? I would like to read it so much. I really liked the Rise of the Dibor and Lion Vrie. They were both great books.

    • Finishing up edits and cover over the weekend. Was hoping for Black Friday (next week), but now the first week of December.

  • Jill

    Just a shout out for the heads up Chris. I’ve checked things out like you said, and I am still patiently waiting for the last book. Thanks for all you do!

    • Thanks Jill! ATHERA’S DAWN should be ready by this Friday or Saturday. Thanks for checking in! Appreciate your loyalty to the story.

  • Bob

    i have read Waynes books but i want to try yours so i will soon probably be buying them. AMERICA!!!

  • Breanna

    When is the 3rd book of the Berinfell Prophecies coming out??

  • gabe

    when is Athera’s Dawn going to be released for kindle?

    • It’s in the works now with a new conversion company! STAY TUNED! VERY SOON! 🙂

    • gabe

      k, thanks

  • Taisia

    Do you have any idea when book three of the Berinfell Prophecies is coming? I can’t wait to read it! All your books are so good (and so are Wayne Thomas Batson’s). 🙂

    • Well thank you! That’s very kind. We’re writing it presently; shooting for a May release. Stay tuned here for more details.

    • Taisia

      Thank you!