June is here?

Hey’a Cyber Crew! I last wrote in April…now summer is officially here and I still am amazed, as if I haven’t learned it yet, at how fast time flies. Are things speeding up or is it j... Read More

Back In NY

Greetings everyone! First news first: Jenny and I would like to announce the soon and coming arrival of “H2,” or for those of you not familiar with our family lingo, “Baby #2!”... Read More

In Dublin!

Howdy everyone! Yes, Eva is feeling much better. Thank you for all your prayers. She just slept her first night through without crying on the trip last night. Praise Jesus! And she went from looking l... Read More

Eva & The Flu

Please pray for The Cho… Our little woman just returned from her first (and hopefully last) trip to the French Doctor. She has been diagnosed as having the intestinal flu. Apparently its a wide ... Read More


Bonjour a tous! Jennifer, Eva and I have safely arrived in France! We have already completed five meetings in the past 48 hours and wasted no time in stuffing ourselves with delicious French bread, It... Read More