What do you do when you have a run-away smash-hit sci-fi adventure series? Why, you create equally exciting spin-offs to keep your rabid cohort of fans satisfied, of course.

That’s what authors Jason Anspach and Nick Cole have done with the Order of the Centurion, a stand-alone series within their breakthrough Galaxy’s Edge universe.

This first installment, available exclusively through Kindle, and now celebrating its Audible release, follows a unit of Recon Marines on an unsanctioned mission deep behind enemy lines. Centurion takes the quick-fire prose of Anspach and Cole’s debut Galaxy’s Edge novel, Legionnaire, and runs full-steam ahead with a no-nonsense military sci-fi novel sure to delight lovers of war memoirs and space opera alike.

Check it out Kindle (digital and print) or Audible today. You’ll be glad you did. KTF!


PS – Already a fan of Centurion? Try Iron Wolves, book two in the series. It does not disappoint.