I need to do better at pausing to reflect on what God is doing in the “right now” moments instead of what I want him to do in the “someday” moments, no matter how virtuous my intentions may be.

This past Sunday, over 200 people came forward to receive the person of the Holy Spirit at New Life. And so I pause. And I process “200 people” as one person with a story and a family and a future, plus one person with a story and a family and a future, plus one person with a story and a family and a future, until I hit 200. And I marvel in wonder.

These are real lives being touched with the power of a living God, and failing to pause and meditate on the implications of such happenings is a startling disregard—no matter how unintentional—for the work of the Lord “in our time.”

Then I reflect on the fact that New Life, my wonderful church, now has three physical campuses, plus an online presence that reaches hundreds of people each week. All this is happening in a part of the country that many people don’t even know exists (say “New York” to anyone in the world, and they don’t think of cows and lakes and mountains), and in a part of our state that many people have written off as being backward, hick, or irrelevant. And so I pause.

I’m so grateful that God loves Jefferson County. That he loves Watertown, and Depauville, and Carthage, and all the other amazing towns filled with wonderful people. I already thought I loved northern New York, but I’m falling in love all over again, because heaven’s favor is resting on this region. And I’m forever grateful that King Jesus planted my family here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Let’s not miss what God’s doing in our worlds today simply because we’re too preoccupied with tomorrow. Observe, take it all in, and then—pause.