Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty ’54 Reissue 1993 Black


Guitar Specs

Asking Price: $2,699.00
Condition: Very good
Make: Gibson
Model: Les Paul Custom Black Beauty ’54 Reissue
Finish: Black
Year: 1993
Made In: United States

Yup. I’m parting with one of my favorite guitars, hoping she finds a new home.


I’m the third owner of this Gibson, given to me in 2002 while on tour. The man who gave it to me purchased it in an estate sale where it sat in someone’s attic—presumably since its creation, as it was in mint condition. I do not have any paper work on the guitar, only email correspondence from Gibson confirming its serial number, model and manufacture date.


She’s been used on four of my records and a few US tours (no international travel), so there are four notable cosmetic issues I tried to capture in the photographs: 1.) A small nick below the bridge. 2.) Some nicks on the backside of the headstock (corner). 3.) Some clouding on the back, due to wear against soft clothing and moisture. 4.) Pick markings in strum zone (I tried to turn the guitar into the light so these could be seen—a little difficult to since the guitar is black).

Everything on this guitar is stock, with no damage to pickups, wiring, knobs, zero markers, or selector switch. Frets, perfling, body, neck and head are all in great condition; nothing I can think of. Action is dialed in tight, and with the ’50’s style chunky neck, she’s a dream to play.

The case has the most wear. The handle was losing integrity when I was given the guitar, and broke a few months after. I removed the damaged leather covering of one side (now showing its black plastic core), and re-riveted the flange plate to the case. There are some scuffs on the bottom (pictured). While the interior is in great condition, the cover has some fraying (pictured) where it rests on the tuning heads (from the string ends).


I’m selling her with strap locks and the strap (pictured). If you’re familiar with the weight of this model, you’ll know why I kept the padded strap with this guitar.


Ask any questions you like. Excited to see this Black Beauty get a new home and more use. As the man who gave this one to me said, “Guitars are meant to make music, not sit in glass cases. Play it.”


Accepted Payment Methods

• Paypal
• Cash
• Check
• Money order
• Credit cards
• Bank wire

Be honest, as that’s how I’ll be.

Shipping Policy

Available for local pickup from Watertown, NY
Ships from Watertown, NY
$50.00 to United States
$100.00+ to Everywhere Else

I’ll box and stuff this guitar and case personally. If you want international shipping, let me know—I’ll need to calculate it for you. Be prepared for customs declaration and duties on your end.



















WayneBatson · 1 Apr ’14 at 9:55 am

When I saw the title of this blog article in my blog’s side bar, my first read was “Selling Mel Gibson.” I was like…uhm…

    Christopher Hopper · 1 Apr ’14 at 10:41 am

    HAHAHA! Now that got a laugh out of me in my office.

Michael Ferrand · 27 May ’14 at 4:51 pm

Hey Chris,

I am interested in the Les Paul ’54 Reissue if you still have it. My email is mike.ferrand@comcast.net. My phone is (916) 337-9000.

Best Regards, Mike

    Christopher Hopper · 28 May ’14 at 2:55 pm

    Hi, Mike. My apologies—it’s been sold. I failed to update my listing here. Best wishes.

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