• Dark Bug

    Yes, sir! Doing all, sir! Beard in growing progress, sir!

  • Scarlet Raptor

    I’ll grow a beard when you grow one.

    • Oh, snap! That’s throw-down talk! I can grow one in a week. You? 😉

    • Scarlet Raptor

      Takes me a little longer. A few years tops.

      • At least you’re not a Hobbit, who can grow a beard on the tops of his feet in 3 hours!

  • Ahh! Like Duck Dynasty! I’ll keep that in mind 😉 (I also like the new theme! It looks lovely!)

    • Yeah, they are wild dudes. 🙂

      Just swapped out the header in honor of the new book, and changed the typeface to match. Thank you!


    Many Asian guys don’t grow facial hair easily. I find other ways. Ahem.

  • Humm, I used to have a beard, more along the lines of those above, around 2004-2005. Perhaps I wasn’t doing something constructive?

    At that point my list would have looked like this:
    Love Jesus. [?]
    grow a beard. [?]
    do something constructive. [ ]

    Now it’s:
    Love Jesus. [?]
    grow a beard. [ ]
    do something constructive. [?]

    Better get working on that beard then.