Make It Happen

Moments don’t happens to us.

We happen to moments.

They take creativity and energy (which equates to virtue). Add some forethought, sometimes money (because money = time, and time = life), and an ample amount of consideration-of-others.

Then execute.

Planning your time off is just as important as planning your appointments to address work-load.

Tonight’s memory will be a road trip with my Princess to see Jonny Lang.

Our favorite.

Do something today. Get wood for campfire. Cancel your non-essential plans and go to the drive-in. Take a walk, play in the mud, eat pizza and throw the crusts in a stream.

Be intentional about making moments count so you have memories to collect.



  • Ricardo Rodgers

    Living in “The Eternal Now” is walking, and connects us with God in His flow of “The Creative Gift.” This is Zlufe, like living in Pure Sunshine.
    SHALOM IHS !!!!! : )