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By dear friend Wayne Thomas Baston has just released his newest creation to the masses, GHOST. I’ve had the privilege of tracking with this story from its inception, and I’m thrilled to have been asked to help spread the word.

If you’re not familiar with Baston, this is a gripping, riveting introduction – one definitely not for the faint of heart (or weak stomached). And if you’ve been reading Baston for a long time, then be ready for something altogether new.

Thriller meets CSI meets supernatural/paranormal. That’s all I’ll say. Get it, read it, love it.

I will warn younger readers: this book might not be for you. Here’s Wayne in his own words:

For my younger readers, please note that this is a story for older readers. At the very least, age 16+ Why? It won’t be for sex and bad language––that’s a promise. And it won’t be for gratuitous violence either. I’d say the violence and bloodshed would be on par with my pirate books.

So why the audience designation? Two reasons: these books will deal with the criminal element, and some of the scenes / topics may disturb younger readers. Ghost is a special sort of investigator who will go after the worst of the worst criminals, the ones no one else can or will catch. These are villains who have literally been getting away with murder…or worse. Another reason for the change in reading audience is that these books will be on a whole new level of intensity. Seriously. We’re talking, white-knuckle, pit of your stomach, fear. There’s a point to it all as well, and hopefully a message of hope.

So without any further ado, here’s the write-up and links to the Kindle version. (Print version to follow later this summer. Stay tuned).




“Fans of Lee Child and Jim Butcher will love this series!”
—The Underground

Protector and punisher…

Hunter and hunted…

Down-to-earth and otherworldly…

John Spector, aka GHOST, isn’t your ordinary investigator.

He carries a shiny badge, a billfold ID, and a mysterious silver suitcase. His mission? Seek the forgotten ones, the abandoned ones, the ones no one else can or will help. Visit blunt force trauma upon the world’s blackest souls and deny the devil his day by any means necessary. And never stop. Never.

For more than a decade, the “Smiling Jack” killer has been posting photos of his victims on the Web, daring anyone to catch him, daring anyone to care. But when no missing person files match and no victims are ever found, the FBI closes the case.

Years later, a digital camera washes up on shore, and GHOST finds it. Each macabre photo becomes a clue that will lead GHOST and FBI Special Agent Deanna Rezvani on the trail of one of the most diabolical killers of this world…or beyond.

“No one gets away with murder. Not for long.”

NOTE: This book is intended for mature reading audiences. The appropriate reader age is: 16+

GHOST, available now at:


Gabe · 4 Jul ’13 at 10:23 pm

I’m almost sixteen… Should I wait or not?

Wayne Thomas Batson · 5 Jul ’13 at 1:12 am

Thanks, CH! I really appreciate the air time here on your blog. And @Gabe: I guess it depends on what you normally read. If you’re reading Ted Dekker and Stephen King, then GHOST should be fine. If your not used to “catch the serial killer” type intensity/themes etc, then maybe wait a bit.

Billy Jepma · 6 Jul ’13 at 10:52 am

I’m torn man…do I buy it now, and spend half a day in front of my computer screen? Or wait and happily pay extra for a print copy? Ahhh, decisions are hard… 😉

    Christopher Hopper · 6 Jul ’13 at 11:05 am

    For that price point, I’d say get it now. Then save for your library edition when it comes out.

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