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I like technology.

I like design.

I like coffee.

As a result, I like Shawn.

I’ve been following Shawn Blanc for a few years now, and have marveled at his transition from hobby-blogger to full-time writer, all thanks in part to his loyal readership who are willing to pay $4 per month for daily content (including a video entry during the weekdays).

I love Shawn’s work because it’s short, sweet and gives me the guts of major happenings in spheres of influence I’m passionate about (rather than having to wade through countless paragraphs just to get the point).

I also love that I can support a creative, a husband, a father and a Christian with my money. It all goes directly to him. No middle man. No royalty.

Read awesome.

Read clean.

Read Shawn.



Jason Clement · 2 Mar ’13 at 2:48 pm

Finally subscribed yesterday… and I’m totally open to that road trip. Just sayin’.

    Christopher Hopper · 2 Mar ’13 at 3:51 pm

    You won’t regret it.

    Road trip this spring? Think we should visit Nathan Davis in OK too.

Nathan R. · 3 Mar ’13 at 6:03 pm

And Nathan Reimer in ITH on the way!

    Christopher Hopper · 3 Mar ’13 at 8:57 pm

    That’s a no brainer! You should come with us. 🙂

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