A handful of images from my first two days serving the amazing leaders of the underground campus movement.

[Locations, names and keywords withheld].











The Princess Writer · 23 Feb ’13 at 8:58 am

Cool pictures! I must ask, did you take all of those? They’re great!

The Princess Writer · 23 Feb ’13 at 7:13 pm

iPhone 5?! Impressive quality!
—Her Highness

Anorra the Archer · 13 Apr ’13 at 9:56 am

Wow! You where in China the week before my family!!! We went on a 2 month missions trip all over Asia and we where in Beijing for a week. My family and I have also been to Kunming. Did you stop over in Singapore? We where there during that time. By the way I am really enjoying The Rise of the Dibor, Your writing style is riveting.

    Christopher Hopper · 14 Apr ’13 at 10:40 am


    Thanks for the comment! Stoked we both got to see China around the same time. Super cool what your family did. Praise God!

    I haven’t been to Kunming yet, but I have some friends there that are leading a campus ministry. I hope to see it next time I’m over there.

    As for your kind words, I really appreciate your encouragement. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book (and only hope that continues). Is Annora your actual name? Or have you already picked it up as a screen name? Super honored either way.

    Blessings on you and your tribe!


Anorra the Archer · 24 Apr ’13 at 3:19 pm

Dear CH,
Thank you for replying! I was hoping you would. Anorra is just a screen name I picked up because she is an archer and a really good character. I have tried the tiniest bit of archery myself as my sister has a bow and allows me to use it sometimes. I wish you all success in any endeavors that you may be involved in. And may many good words flow from your pen or your computer keys.
~Anorra (or Alissa)

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