This is New Life’s third year of hosting the Redline Conference, and even after leaving the youth pastorate (in much better hands, I might add), I’m honored they still asked me back.

You can check out all the details on iRedline.tv, but before you do, I feel like mentioning a few notables, as this is seriously one of the most excellence-driven, Jesus-focused events for youth that you’ll ever attend.

First is the heart of this conference’s leadership team. I don’t doubt every Christ-centered youth conference on the planet has amazing leaders behind it, but I can’t say I know them personally. I know Redline’s core team. I know their DNA, what drives them, and what they give up to pull of an event of this caliber. They’re some of my heroes, and my dearest friends. I admire their hearts, their sacrifice, and their desire to see teens meet Jesus as well as to make mature disciples of Jesus. Whether you’re a teen who’s considering attending or a parent or youth pastor thinking about sending your students, I’d trust these people with my own children, socially and theologically.

Secondly is the line up. When Jennifer and I recognized that we would have the opportunity to start directing conferences on our own (starting with Awakening back in 2005), we felt convicted to abide by a simple belief: put the right people on the stage at the right time, with no real time constraints, then stand back and watch God move.

This year I have the privilege to preach alongside one of the greatest youth communicators in the world, Mr. Reggie Dabbs. While he’s headlined events like Planet Shakers, Acquire the Fire, and Creation Festival, my connection with Reggie goes back to our days at Joshua Revolution. We ministered to thousands of teens in New York, Alabama and Florida, and saw thousands come to Jesus at those events. Few communicate the Father’s heart like Reggie does, and I’m so excited that Watertown, NY gets to host the expression of Jesus in Reggie.

Similarly, Brothers McClurg so impacted our city last year that it was a an instant and unanimous vote to have them return. Few bands today flow like these guys, and carry such sweet and humbled spirits. They minister out of relationship with God, and connect with worshippers in the audience as good as I’ve ever seen. Definitely a group that leaves a Jesus-mark on those who engage with them.

The other workshop speakers are all some of my favorite people, and I expect youth and their leaders to come out with pages of notes taken, and brains and hearts filled with new ideas and inspiration.

If you’re planning on coming, make sure to register soon enough to catch the early bird special. And if you’re not attending, due to scheduling or distance, please consider forwarding the site to your eligible friends.

See you at Redline!



Dark Bug · 30 Jan ’13 at 9:44 pm

May the Spirit of the Lord be with you!

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