I’ve been struck with the idea this morning that for all our natural solutions to life’s problems, most of which are valid and have genuine motives and wide-reaching implications, they still fall short of the ultimate answer, which is supernatural.

“People don’t need a change of mind, they need a resurrection in their spirit.”

-Pierre du Plessis

That resurrection, however, doesn’t seem to come in times of joy, happiness, or light. That resurrection tends to come in the midst of darkness. Something has to be established as dead in order for it to be brought into a status of life.

“Great faith is what we say when we’re in the midst of darkness, not what we say we’re in light.”

-Kirk Gilchrist

Jesus is risen indeed. He brings light into deepest darkness. And that’s why I can praise him so easily. It’s so supernatural, it becomes natural.



Gabe · 8 Apr ’12 at 11:50 am

Amen! He is risen!

Beth · 8 Apr ’12 at 1:45 pm

Amen!! So True!

This thought came to me this morning.

“True love isn’t daydreaming about or admiring someone, it’s doing something for someone and there is no greater Love than the Love Christ who died for you! Who rose again to guide you Home.” That’s the supernatural we should be modeling in the natural.

Miriam Woodruff · 8 Apr ’12 at 5:30 pm

The Miracle of Easter …. When the Supernatural becomes natural … Praising Him is the most natural thing I do. Other stuff I have to work at. <3 🙂

Ciara · 8 Apr ’12 at 7:42 pm

He is risen indeed! 😀

DLouisa · 8 Apr ’12 at 9:52 pm

Totally seeing that faithfulness during darkness this week/wknd with my in-laws…to lose their 8 year old son/grandson they still are praising the Lord and walking with Him. So easy to say we have faith when life is going along just dandy…but to say it in true darkness is quite the test. Inspired huge!

    Christopher Hopper · 10 Apr ’12 at 7:02 am

    Praying for your in-laws. This story is so sad. Yet I find comfort hearing you talk about their resolution of heart to say, “Yet will I praise You.”

DLouisa Ford · 10 Apr ’12 at 12:43 pm

This is an excerpt from my bro-in-law’s Facebook…totally inspiring and going along with this…had to share: “I’m pleased to let you know that on Easter Sunday, my son, Emery Joseph Robinson took his first steps and spoke his first words before my Lord, Jesus Christ. We all have a race to run in life: some of us run sprints and some of us run miracles. God gave a Emery a sprint to run and he ran it in style. As his grandpa Mern said before he went to heaven: “I hope I can be half as tough as he’s been.” I love my children, but they are not mine, not one of them. They belong to the Lord; He’s shared them with me for a time to raise, train and love, but they are still his. I’ve thought it unfair that we all got to do so many other things, and Emery was left behind. He couldn’t ride a roller coaster; he couldn’t go swimming and on and on like his brother and sister and friends. Then, as I lay there watching him breath in his hospital bed, I realized, “He gets to go to heaven… first.” “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” Emery’s alive! He lives with the king of the universe and there is a place there for him.”

Your prayers are super appreciated my friend!

    Christopher Hopper · 10 Apr ’12 at 12:55 pm

    No words.

    Wiping away tears at Ruby Tuesdays waiting for me to-go food…

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