I was recently included in a Color of the Year Instragram mashup by Mike Kim (@mikekimtv).

I actually made the montage/collage twice. Once for my metaphorical face, the other for my actual face. (Some might even argue I’m the sock, too).

The honor is quite overwhelming.

But the presentation does beg the question: how did white people ever get stuck with the white color stigma? We’re much more pink than we are white. I mean, look at my cranium. It’s more like under-cooked chicken, or maybe pork ribs.

I’ve met a few albinos in my life. Now they’re white. Some are even translucent.

Black people aren’t actually black at all. Some are cocoa, and some are coffee (both preferred food beverages).

Asian people, like Mike, are olivey, much like Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Native American folks.

True Indians are like dark cinnamon buns. Probably from all the curry and chai tea they consume. That’s my theory.

Anyone else notice the food theme?

Humans have forever tried to classify things. Science. Emotions. Music. It’s part of how we’re wired. But sometimes we try and classify things based on fear, insecurity, and sheer ignorance.

Like race and skin-tone.

Like my wife, I was raised in a “colorless” home by parents who never differentiated between skin color or race. They had Christian convictions about such biases. And also like her, it wasn’t until I was an early teen that I discovered racism was still rampant in the United States – and the rest of the world for that matter.

Yet this spirit of racism is easily identified as a fraud, and something we as Christians must be the first to exterminate.

For one, the spirit of racism fails to take into account that all humans are made in God’s image. To prefer one over the other is to alienate and shun the likeness of God himself. Doing so is anti-human, anti-Christian, and anti-God. It was God’s fail-safe and the genius of making us after himself. To say you accept Jesus but you can’t accept all men is tantamount to not accepting Jesus. Be careful.

If you have a basis, fear, frustration or vendetta toward a race, you need to repent and ask for Jesus’ heart for that people group – because they’re his people group made in his image.

And secondly, this spirit of racism didn’t even get its color assignments right.

I’m pink, people.

What a scam.



Gabe · 22 Apr ’12 at 11:53 am

Amen. Why people think other people are inferior just because of skin colors is beyond me.

    Christopher Hopper · 22 Apr ’12 at 5:48 pm

    That’s because it’s a spirit, and it makes people think irrationally when they’re given over to it.

Mike Kim · 22 Apr ’12 at 12:36 pm

Here’s a few stories, haha.

1. After a good time of worship, guy comes up to me and says “That was better than Linsanity!” I respond, “Linsanity? Really? Because I’m Asian?” then I walked away.

2. Pastors breakfast, guy greets me in Chinese. I say, “nope”. Greets me in Japanese. I say “0 for 2” turn my back on him and leave.

3. Person in my old church Tweets (while I’m preaching) “I can never tell if @mikekimtv is looking at me or just blinking when he’s preaching. Eyes so small.” I left the church.

4. Lady from old church calls the office asking for “Pastor Lee.” Secretary: “Umm, there is no Pastor Lee here.” Lady: “You know, the Chinese one.” Secretary: “You mean Pastor Mike KIM…& he’s Korean.” Lady: “Yea same thing.” I left the church.

5. The awkwardness of Asian college students singing Crowder’s “Everything Glorious” and the line “my eyes are small…”

Disclaimer: I didn’t leave the church because of 3. & 4. But that’s just jacked!

Question: Why didn’t you make your logo pink?

Request: Since we’ve opened Pandora’s Box here, you should blog on what the kids say about me or do when they see Asians. Funny and eye-opening (did I really mention eyes…)

    Gabe · 22 Apr ’12 at 3:58 pm

    That’s messed up. Asian dudes are awesome.

    Christopher Hopper · 22 Apr ’12 at 5:51 pm

    Most likely the best comment EVER left on my blog. But I can’t tell for sure because it was written in Oriental phrasing. Can you please redefine everything in Eng’grish?

Kevin Zoll · 22 Apr ’12 at 5:32 pm

Pink, is that even a color?

Better get out your fishing pole, because that is one big cans of worms you have opened.

I’ve never understood the pre-occupation with a person’s skin color or national origin. The content of a person’s character is far more important.

Mike is Korean, and here the whole time I just thought he was one cool dude. 🙂

    Christopher Hopper · 22 Apr ’12 at 5:52 pm

    Right on. Love you Kevin, even if you are black.

Nathan · 22 Apr ’12 at 9:28 pm

at least you’re not pink slime. 😉 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_Slime

love your pink guts

mooney · 23 Apr ’12 at 8:06 am

“White” people can be kinds of colors. We’re are pink on normal days, red when sunburned (orange if you tan in a box or with a spray), blue when cold, green when sick, white when scared, and yellow when jaundiced. Yet some have had the audacity to call others “colored.”

    Christopher Hopper · 23 Apr ’12 at 10:06 am

    Yeah! What’s up with THAT?! I’ve been gipped.

Taisia · 23 Apr ’12 at 7:14 pm

I know a really funny joke for that 🙂 Here it is if anybody wants to read it!

When I was born, I’m black.
When I grow up, I’m black.
When I go out in the sun, I’m black.
When I’m cold, I’m black.
When I’m scared, I’m black.
When I’m sick, I’m black.
And when I die, I’m still black.

You white folks…
When you’re born, you’re pink.
When you grow up, you’re white.
When you go out in the sun, you’re red.
When you’re cold, you’re blue.
When you’re scared, you’re yellow.
When you’re sick, you’re green.
When you bruise, you go purple.
And when you die, you go grey.

So who you callin’ coloured?

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