B3 Final Outlining

Wayne Batson and I spent the better part of the afternoon on iChat finishing the outline for the final few chapters of The Berinfell Prophecies Book III. Both our craniums are aching, but it’s all worth it, knowing the faces our readers are going to make while devouring these pages. I only wish I could have a web cam going when they get to these twists and turns. [Author does maniacal laugh].

Back to writing!


  • Gabe


    May 15th just can’t come soon enough! 😀

  • Seriously, my brain is FRIED. FRIED, I tell you, like deep fried! Holy smokes, I can’t think straight. But the outline is cool. So that’s what counts.

    • Gabe


    • Fried shrimp anyone? Fried dough? Fried twinkies?


    • Tyler

      I can’t wait. I think having a fired brain is worth it. If I were you guys, I’d be happy to do it as long as my reader were happy to read it.

  • AnneMarie

    Wayne looks, uh, confused here…

  • Glade

    Awesome!!!!! Can’t wait for the next book!!!

    You know what I think? I think they should seriously start putting webcams in in the books and broadcast expressions live on a website! That would be epic! And nice sail boat, by the way, Sir Hopper!

    Also, one more question: are you going to explain the whole pot-and-object-that-Grimwarden-stashed bit that took place in Venom and Song? You know, during the challenge? Grimwarden hid something that was in the earthen jar when no one was looking? Is that mystery going to play a part in the third book? I’m dying to know! 🙂

    • Glad: that sail boat was built by my father and grandfather in the 50’s. We’re all sailors.

      As for the subterranean clay vessel, you’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Taisia

    That’s so exciting!!!! I can’t wait! The Berinfell Prophicies is one of my favourite series. 🙂

  • Ciara

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *dies of excitement* *revives so she can read the book as soon as it comes out* I’M SOOOO EXCITED!! *explodes*

    • There we go again. Exploding Elven parts everywhere. Gross.

    • Ciara

      Maybe it is a little gross… *explodes* <– Sorry, couldn't help myself. The excitement is too much to bear. Aaaaand… I just like doing it xD

    • Gabe


      sorry, I LOVE doing that! 😛

    • Ciara

      Crack you up? O.o That’s not good. Authors work better in one piece. How will you be able to write?

      AHA! I have just the solution. *runs off to get tape*

      • [author covered in tape tries to talk]

        Muh hgf uhba ja frub.

        [translation: thank you for the tape]

    • Gabe

      @Ciara: hahaha!

      @CH: thanks!

    • Tyler

      Did you really have to infect another website with EED (Exploding Elf Disease)?

    • Ciara

      Hahaha Tyler 😀 Exploding Elf Disease… there’s only one thing I can say to that….


    • Ciara

      Whoops! *unexplodes* Izzat better?

      And you’re welcome for the tape xD

    • Ciara

      That’s not good. I think I need those… XD

    • Ciara

      Why thank you. *takes guts from author*

      Oh wow, looks like my brother found my heart (he just walked over with a half blown up, red, deformed balloon) XD

  • Sarah

    SO EXCITING! I, personally, am looking to find out what’s behind those behind-the-scenes chapters you released around Christmas. Thanks for the update, Sir Hopper!

    • You’re most welcome!

    • KitKat120

      Behind the scenes chapters???? Where Where Where?!?!?!?!????? SOOO EXCITED!!! *Explodes* (why do elves explode when excited?)

  • Ethaecia

    *screams* *faints* *explodes* CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!

  • Aarathyn

    Wait, is there something we can read? I don’t see it… Or do I have to follow the blog…

    • We released something back around Christmas time. I believe it was via Mr. Batson’s blog, but I’d have to look to be sure.

    • Gabe

      It was on the UG. The thread was called “[sticky] A little Christmas surprise”

  • Trinel Silvertree

    Very stoked for the third book! Shall the Berinfell Prophecies be a trilogy or a series I wonder…Sir Hopper and Sir Baston, your books sit on my shelf beside the works of Tolkien and C.S Lewis 🙂

    • Wow – that’s quite the honor! Speechless.

      We have something special planned for The Berinfell Prophecies that will be announced upon the release of the third book. Stay tuned!

    • Gabe

      AAAGH! More suspense!

  • EED. That is WAY TOO FUNNY. It sounds like something you could toss that would explode. Like a grenade. Exploding Elf Device? Maybe? Grimwarden leaps, spies the Gwar snipers, and tosses a handful of EED’s. BOOM BOOM BOOM

    • Ciara

      HA! *ominous music plays in background* A weapon unknown to the Gwar, unheard of by the Drefids, and feared by the spiders… THE EED!

    • Gabe

      Haha! I like!
      You should totally put that in a book! 😀
      or a deleted chapter maybe, or something

  • Aarathyn

    EEDS sound cool! Like little bugs that blow up. That’s it! BUGS!!

    • KitKat120

      What about more of the exploding rocks that Tommy made the cannons for in book 2?? (my brother has our books so i can’t find the name…:P 🙂

  • CrazyAndyMan

    AAAA! may 15 just can’t come soon enough!! *runs around in circles until may 15* *explodes*

    • KitKat120

      It will quite possibly be my favorite day of, like, FOREVER!!! *explodes* 😀

  • Trinel Silvertree

    We’re all going to be elven zombies pretty soon if this keeps up! Hmm, what do you call an elven zombie? A zomven, an elbie? Or perhaps just a SEP (Sky-high Elven Pieces)!

    • KitKat120

      SEP LOL <3

  • Kyle Hericks

    :O I can’t wait for the 3rd book, I’ve read the 1st 2 books 2 times already!!!

    • KitKat120

      only twice?!?! hahaha i practically have them memorized… Is it a problem if you know book characters better than some of your friends?

  • Lisa Racine

    Just a question about the thrid book in the Berinfell Prophecies. Is it being released in June 2012, like Amazon says? Looking forward to reading this. Thanks!

  • Scarlet Raptor

    Yay!! I can’t wait till September 15. (Explodes, then comes back together so I can read the book)