Fait du Bruit


Our first three meetings here in Switzerland have been joy-filled and boisterous. Or maybe I’ve just been boisterous. Either way, as the Swiss say, I like to “Fait du bruit,” or make noise.

This shot, care of Fredo Bovigny, is from last night’s worship event in Escale. As expected I soaked through my shirt within the first two songs.

Right now I’m sitting on a couch tucked amongst some mountains in Sion recovering from an amazing post-church meal (merci Pastor Sandy and Laureline!) and hoping this espresso buzz kicks in soon. Tonight Jennifer and I will be playing with our band for a regional night of worship.

Thanks for all your prayers! ch:

  • Beth

    You make Noise everywhere you go. haha. It is a part of who you are. 🙂 So glad to hear it’s going well. Praying for you, Jenny & Levi. May God continue to use your precious family to spread His love throughout the World. Love and miss you all.

  • jasonjclement

    Nice t-shirt. 🙂

  • gabe

    this is off topic but….
    i just figured out the password to accessing the Venom and Song bonus content, but i don’t know where to enter it. can you help? (the password is bernifell forever 2010, i think)