Back In Europe. Back Online.


You know you’re back in Europe when a high performance coupe is parked less than two inches from a cement wall.

They must have detachable side mirrors.

You also know a blogger’s website is back up when he’s posting again after a week’s absence. Many thanks to Kevin Zoll for his tireless effort in unhacking what a Russian underground ring managed to infect. Bad.

Jennifer and I are safely in Switzerland and had our first night of ministry only hours after landing. Par for the course. Levi is doing well, but we’re all suffering from head colds so your prayers would be appreciated.

Stay tuned. Daily updates are back in motion. Thanks for your patience. ch:

  • Prayers for healing… good to see you back online

  • gabe

    welcome back! 🙂

  • Billy Jepma

    Hope you have a fantastic time! Just got back from Vermont ourselves! 🙂 Will be praying, much love!

    • And I bet you had a blast! So jealous. No time to board here, and it’s THE Alps! Dah-

  • What happened to your website? Were you kidding about the Russian Mob thing?

    • Russian hackers. Very real. They hacked the company’s server that I was with on a NATIONAL level. Ugly.

    • gabe

      yikes :O

  • Whoa, dude, what’d you ever do to get the Russians mad at you? Sheesh. Sorry to hear. Hope you’re having a good trip.