Rewards Hang Above

For dreamers, graphic designers, and visionaries, it’s not too often you can quantify something you produce.

It’s the “feel” or “emotional response” a project stirs in people – not a physical building that you’ve built, corn field you planted, or cabinet you crafted.

But when things go into print, something happens. Holding a book in your hand, feeling the card stock between your fingers, or – in this case – seeing the billboard looking down on 110,000 cars per day, that’s pretty rewarding.

Thanks to my team mate, Jason Clement, for rocking this sign. ch:


  • Jason Clement

    AHhhhh!!! It looks so sweet!

  • Ben

    Are the church colors changing? Or did the blue and white just look better for this sign?

    • Moving away from our green/yellow scheme and going for a more chromatic pallet.

  • I have yet to drive by it, but it looks great in the pic! πŸ™‚