Reflection – Understanding Godly Love

Here are my notes from last night’s message on week 1 of our Translucent Series at 33 Live:

DOWNLOAD PDF: Reflection – Understanding Godly Love

I’ve gotten quite a number of responses about the message – from young and old alike – on the idea of God not manipulating or controlling the choices and outcomes of a person’s decisions as real love. Heavy stuff, but needed in an age where we acuse God of that which He’s innocent of, and withhold credit for that which He’s due. ch:

  • Loving the shine on that dome. Can I rub it for 3 wishes? 😉

    • Yes, but only once. 😉

    • And you can’t wish for more wishes.

      • Darn…you’re on to me 😉

        Joking aside, thanks for putting your heart on your sleeve and not being afraid of sharing your life to the world.

        • I so appreciate that, Nathan. You’re welcome. Thanks for reading, as always.

  • My cluster girls said this was your best sermon. Very powerful for a first timer & hit them hard too. 🙂 just wanted to share that with you

    • Awe, man! That’s means a great deal to me. Honored. Please thank them for the kind words; I labored a lot with this one to make it right.

  • Hey, CH, didn’t CS Lewis have something to say on this topic? I forgot which book: Mere Christianity, maybe?

    • Yeah, I think it was Mere Christianity. I believe Until We Have Faces contains some of that thought process, too.

      Either way he was far more eloquent with it than I ever could be. Dah!

      Males me want to go pick up some Lewis now.

  • That was awesomeness, Sir Hopper! Sheer awesomeness!!