Placenta Marketing

One of the things you learn early on about communicating in other countries – especially as a keynote speaker – it’s many anecdotes just don’t translate.

Especially your clever acronyms or Christianese scriptural devices.

Likewise, some marketing ideas ought to be left in their country of origin.

Jenny texted me this pic with a caption left to the imagination. (Keep in mind she just gave birth).

Before you go announcing your next big idea, or spouting of your new opinion, do everyone a favor and remember who you’re speaking to. Effective communication begins with intentionally acknowledging your audience.

Mothers around the world will thank you. ch:


  • Kristie Rath

    You know as a midwife, I love the placenta and there are many good uses for it! I can give you some recipes if you would like!! haha! seriously!

    • I was waiting for this comment; I just didn’t think it’d be the first one!

      Now, I understanding eating placentas is a totally acceptable practice in some parts, but I can’t even begin to imagine who the first person was that went, “Hey, let’s cook that thing for dinner! If it fed the baby, surely it can feed us!”

      To paraphrase a Dave Berry column from 1979, “And then the doctor – who up until this point seemed like a completely reasonable individual – said, ‘Would you like to see the placenta?’ Who even asks that?”

      But I appreciate your serious offer (and for having some fun).

  • Ewww, double ewww. {Runs for a toilet}

  • Sarah Rice

    Ugh…. That’s gross!!!
    My mom was a private nanny. And one family she worked for kept the placenta, planted it and put a tree there. o.O
    They had a placenta tree for each kid. Kinda weird

  • Kristie Rath

    There are many traditions with the placenta. I would never eat one and I think it is gross, but it could save a life to put a small piece of raw placenta in a woman’s mouth that is hemorrhaging. I think that would be a useful fact to know as a missionary in a 3rd world.

    • “…but it could save a life to put a small piece of raw placenta in a woman’s mouth that is hemorrhaging.”

      GET OUT! Can you elaborate? Seriously, this has got to be cool trivia fact of the month!

      One thing that continually amazes me is how thoughtful God was in making all the processes that surround the birth and nourishment of children. You ladies are quite amazing, to be sure.

  • Kristie Rath

    it’s loaded with hormones and scientists have found that it contains ounce for ounce, 70 times the potency of the hemorrhage drug, Methergine. Eating a small piece supposedly helps reduce bleeding after birth and causes the uterus to clean itself out.


      God is brilliant. (Like we should be surprised).