Slow Down

You’ve had a hectic week.

Lovely but screaming kids.

Intense boss.

Disgruntled coworkers.

Unfinished projects and pending deadlines.

Managing relationships.

More phone calls and emails than a circus monkey can answer.

Where do you go to relax? Where do you regroup?


I clearly inherited what I grew up hearing my father say since I was a boy. “Being on the water is the only thing that forces me to slow down.” Some of my favorite memories with my family are on the water, both then and now.

And I’m the closest to the Holy Spirit’s voice when I’m on the water.

This shot was from last night on the St. Lawrence, sailing with my man, Costa. Thought it was pretty spectacular.

What’s your thing? ch:


  • Cooking – Just stayed up until 1:47am to post my latest recipe.

  • Nature it self slows me down. I love being out in it. Weather is sitting in my backyard, hiking a trail, or being on the water, it’s all so calming & beautiful. I love the paintings in the sky from God; there a gift & if we stop & look up we never see them.

  • Megan J.

    Driving a well working car, and not having to worry about gas is definitely the best way for me to slow down and calm down. (I babysat for a lady this summer, that was best for her kids too. I spent half of my babysitting time, just driving them around. So perfect. :))

    • I love cruising in the car, too. I find it helps clear my head and thinking. Especially when I can roll the windows down.

  • Billy Jepma

    I was on the river last night also, we actually went swimming for like 20 minutes. Once we lost feeling in our appendages we had fun. And I agree, only place where I can drop all of lives burdens and enjoy God’s Creation. 🙂

    • Bro, I seriously thought of jumping in last night, and knew I could. But I didn’t. Glad you did.

  • Don Stevens

    Love it, the River. If you really want to relax leave your cell at home. But i might neeeed it. lol but not on the River

  • Was that color purple really in the sky to the naked eye?

  • Sarah

    Three things:
    1. Music, especially Narnia, Chris Rice, Amy Grant, and those sweet-but-sad ones. Oh, and Nicole Nordeman. Some Nicole Nordeman, anyway. Like “River God”.
    2. Swimming.
    3. Sometimes my writing.

    BTW, what editing software are you using?

    • Good list!

      I heart swimming. And I’m a big fan of writing being cathartic.

      Editing software? Can you elaborate? Do you mean spellcheck? Or layout?

      • Sarah

        Editing software, as in, what you used to edit that picture and you mentioned to Sir Batson in the previous comment. Guess I should’ve made that clearer. I’m more used to “editing software” meaning photography editing; I didn’t think about the fact that software used for editing books might be called the same! Silly me, huh?

        • Gosh, totally my bad. I’m used to thinking “editing software” as associated with my writing. lol Applying it to photographs is far more fitting. (And Jennifer should be scolding me right now). YES! Photo-editing software. I took this shot on my iPhone 4, used HDR Pro to recapture, adjust levels, and crop the pic, then Camera+ for “clarity” and “offset” boarder.

          • Sarah

            Seems like we both made a similar mistake.

            Ah, thanks! I was just wondering, since the photo looks really cool!

          • Thanks!

  • I like to sit outside and feel the wind, have a good book in my lap, or a notebook, even if I’m not going to read or write. I love to look, listen, and feel. And if I’m alone (or sometimes if I’m not and don’t know it) I sing songs of praise. If I’m out when there’s a sunset, it’s usually Indescribable by Chris Tomlin.

    • Great stuff, Glade! I like your emphasis on all your senses. Just what they were made for.

  • Christian Fahey

    Nature on foot. “Enoch walked with God….” God talks to me–even at night out with the coyotes. 🙂

  • Karen

    this was awesome….

    • Thank you, Karen. Though I must admit, it’s pretty easy to write pieces on people who are this deep and have touched this many.

  • Sitting in water-ha! In my hottub under the stars, no jets on, just the sound of silence and Gods still voice!! Its my favorite, easy to get to, get away!!

    • Oh girl. Now you’re taking. Ask Jenny. If I could LIVE in a hot tub, I would. She laughs at me. She’s probably surprised my muscles haven’t baked off my bones by this point!

  • Good thought. Here’s a similar audio blog post I put together a while back mixed with some Chuck Hall.