Most of my posts are written in bed from my iPhone. One eye open, my thumb pecking out the words.

No sooner had I finished yesterday’s, than a knock was on my door. It was Luik, crying. “I spilled the milk.” (The punniness wasn’t lost on me).

What he meant was, he dropped and broke open an entire gallon in the kitchen.

One look downstairs and I was eating my words from my post:

“The grateful are never disappointed.”

I used 6 towels, 2 paper towel rolls, 2 different kinds of antibacterial something-or-other, and a mop. You can now eat off of the floor underneath the stove and the fridge. I found a missing iPhone, too. As well as my attitude. Did my best to sop up that rotten smelling thing.

What did Luik learn? Well, he’s suspended from making breakfast by himself for a while. But hopefully that – while dad was sure upset – he knew it was an accident and didn’t entirely lose his cool. There was cuddle time when it was all over.

What did dad learn? We need to be ready to mop up and eat our own words more often than we think.

Next time, though, I’m dumping a box of cereal on the floor and getting some spoons out for us. (Thanks Jason) ch:



Jason Clement · 3 Sep ’11 at 9:32 am

Nothing eases the pain like a bowl, err, floor full of Captain Crunch Berries. I always liked when it was spilled on the table and you’re rushing to clean it up before it spills over the edge and onto the carpet only to find out it’s already dripping through the cracks… someday soon you’ll miss these times!

    Christopher Hopper · 4 Sep ’11 at 5:45 pm

    “Someday soon you’ll miss these times!”

    Man, you’re so right. I can feel the nostalgia rising. Where does life go?

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