The Truth About Superheroes

Even Ironman gets bubblegum stuck on his face.

Even Jesus had to use the outhouse.

We praise superheroes because of their feats, but we follow them because they share our frailties. ch:


  • Agreed. And I’m not just saying that because I AM Ironman.

    • Ha! I knew it!

      By the way, I was totally thinking of you the whole time I was writing yesterday’s post on Speeeeeed!

  • Beth Walrath

    So that’s why so many people follow you? 🙂

    • Most likely: I’m pretty frail. Especially my back right now! 😉

      • Beth Walrath

        That’s what makes you a hero. Like ironman & Jesus you know what your called to do & no matter the pain your in you don’t let it stop you.

        • With people like you in my life it’s nearly impossible to get down.