Situational Maturity

Eva lost her 3rd tooth in a week last night. The first popped out while going up the stairs; the second popped out at a 4th of July fiesta on the driveway.

But this one was different. After wrestling with indecision and blood for 30 minutes, she finally pulled it out herself.

(Which is amazing because not even I had the nerve to pull it for her).

Growth happens. Whether we want it to or not, life makes room for its next stages. We can either complain about the circumstances, or embrace the inevitable and get a dollar under our pillow sooner.

Mature with your season instead of seeing your circumstances as the enemy. ch:


  • Beth Walrath

    Wow… Needed that this morning! I’m stealing that last line. 🙂

  • Hillary

    Ah, this is SO good. Thank you. Love all your simple posts!

  • Billy Jepma

    Aww, I remember the 1st tooth I pulled out on my own. Didn’t stop talking about it for weeks. 🙂

    • You become a real man when you can pull your own teeth out of your head, eh?