Hang In There

The monkey bars were meant to be a game, not a torture device. The trick is to remember your Daddy is always there to catch you and help you advance to the next rung just because He can. Some people believe He’s strong like that. ch:


  • Leah Stockholm

    Great Reminder ch! =)

  • Beth Walrath

    God has been using your blogs to speak to me lately. After the day I had yesterday this is the perfect reminder to start a new day.
    It’s hard not to think of people who’s “monkey bars” are harder to cross. We have to be thankful for His ever lasting love that gives us just the strength we need to “move to the next bar” 🙂

    • I’m reminded of 1 Cor 10:13 by your comment; he always provides a way to our next rung.

      Thanks Beth!

  • Mom

    love that face on the torture device xoxo

    • It’s a pretty cute one indeed!

      Did you see the briefcase one from July 15’s post?

  • BAM! and sometimes he makes you hang there longer, cause he knows what you’re made of, even when you don’t!