Dads Can Cook Too!

One of my oldest and bestest buddies, Nathan Reimer, is host to one of my all-time favorite blogs:

As if that’s not enough, he asked me to guest post on it this month. Heck yeah!

So for a little glimpse of what things are like in the Hopper home around dinner time, including a little parenting drama, check my post out. And follow Nathan on Twitter while you’re at it.

To your health! ch:

PS: Leave a comment over there, too, and I’ll respond!

  • I miss you guys!

    • Ahhhh snap! Don’t make me all emotional on my own comments section! We miss you both so much…

  • Sarah

    LOL, love that post, Sir Hopper! ‘Twas way cool!

    Never knew you could cook, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Thanks so much for posting! You’re the best!

    • It was an HONOR! Love what you’re doing bro to promote the family and the table.

  • Billy Jepma

    Dude that was AWESOME!!! Always knew you could cook, didn’t know you were so good at it. 🙂 You should try making stuffed meatballs. Hmmm, look it up. Its all the amazing-ness (yes, I made up that word) with cheese in the middle!!!!

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence. Might need YOU to teach me stuffed meatballs, man!

    • I make a mean meatball. I might have to write a post about those. I haven’t tried stuffing them though.

  • I don’t know how wide your menu is, but you make some mean chicken enchiladas! Lol