Marriage is a miracle.

Two worlds of flesh and culture becoming one.

The people that ask why they don’t see as many miracles happening today as are reported in the Bible need to attend a wedding and a baby shower.

Life, and its perpetuation, were God’s first and greatest miracles.

Congratulations to Jason Rodgers and Tabitha Kirkwood (“Rodgers” at approximately 1:30pm PST). I’m honored to be your friend, pastor, and officiant.



Jose Estrada · 25 Jun ’11 at 1:15 pm

when i first saw the link, i thought you were saying its a miracle that Jason is finally getting married lol. Just playing guys. Your words are true Christopher. Life is full of miracles and i am greatful to God for all He fills my life with. Congradulations to Jason and Tabitha 🙂

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