Pre-Realease Reading Winners

As per my post earlier this week, I’ve randomly selected 10 winners among those that left comments to help me proof-read the TWLC Signature Series manuscripts. Without further ado, they are:

Sarah RVP

The 10 lucky winners will be notified by email with instructions.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I look forward to getting you all the new books in July! ch:

  • *jawdrop* I didn’t think I’d actually win one of the chances, BUT I DID!!!! THANKS SO MUCH MR HOPPER!!!! *finds something to work on to still his jittery hands*

  • yay!

  • *gasp* Oh my goodness!!! I’m so excited!!!! Thank you, my Lord and King!! Thank you, Sir Hopper!! I can’t wait!!!!

  • Congrats to the winners! I shall have to wait impatiently for their release. *sigh* Mabe I should plan a midnight raid to the Hopper house…

  • Michelle

    Hey~ You know we should probably start a group or a page or something for those of use who want to read *together* when they are released to the piranha-like fans at large. Read a CH book? NEVAH! I devour them *chomp chomp chomp chomp* I love the taste of wood pulp and ink in the morning!

    • Ha ha. Actually thats not a bad idea! What format would u like to see? A forum?

  • Leah Stockholm

    Very exciting!! =)

  • Emma e squared

    Wow! Thank you so much. My dad thought I’d gone insane when I read the list. This is so exciting. I had not thought I’d be picked!
    I like Michelle’s idea. A forum would be neat.
    Thanks again!

    • So glad you’re happy. It’s what the random generator of awesomeness spit out, so there you have it!

  • Sarah Rice

    Read list (holding breath & with fingers crossed).. nope. Guess this means I have to wait… 🙁
    Congrats to those lucky 10

    • Athera’s Dawn. Tearing the Veil was a name that popped up on the Internet for it years ago even though I never announced plans to call it that. Certainly sounds cool though!

    • I was rooting for you! But thanks for still having a great attitude regardless.

      • Sarah Rice

        Thanks you Sir 😉