Berinfell Book 3 Is Coming!

When it rains…

…well, for those along the Mississippi river valley, I’ll nip that river metaphor right in the bud.

But needless to say, there seems to be a lot of book news in the air this spring!

Earlier today, Wayne Thomas Batson and I got a verbal release from Thomas Nelson – who previously declined their option to press it – to write and release Book 3 of The Berinfell Prophecies on our own!

This is a big win for the countless fans we have who’ve been with us in a long holding pattern, patiently awaiting the third installment. It’s no exaggeration to say we get numerous emails every week – if not daily at times – wondering “where is it?” It’s also a win for us because we feel like we have a really good 3 book in the pipeline.

We anticipate fleshing out the plot by early summer and starting in on writing in July. If all goes well, fans of COTSK and VAS could have their third book in time for Christmas! It will be released initially as an ebook with print versions following.

Thanks to all the Elves who’ve walked this road with us! ch:

  • Sam

    Fantastic! I know there are many fans who feel long suffering waiting this long…UNTIL CHRISTMAS NOW?! Oh no!!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Sam! And hey, with a traditional press, you wouldn’t get it for 16-18 months AFTER we turn it in! So Christmas is light-speed.

  • This is amazing. A great turnout from a boatload of prayer.

  • Nathanael

    YAHOO! HUZZAH! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited and am sure the UG will be set afire with this news. πŸ˜‰ My sisters will also be quite excited-we had feared it wouldn’t be published. We don’t have ereaders but now that we know it’s coming we can wait-even if we’ll be antsy-until paper comes. πŸ˜‰ Ok, nvm, I CAN’T WAIT!!! Who are you using to publish it? Snowfall Press? Xulon? Someone else?

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm! We’re self-publishing it. And just FYI, you can can a desktop ereader for free to handle all the digital formats until the print versions become available.

  • Billy Jepma

    SWEET!!! Although, after the end of Venom and Song, I’ll prob be up all night reading it, in hard-copy. When do you expect to have those done? Cause Ill but several copies, one for me and some for friends. (Who all adore your books!)

    • Well, we’re looking into an Amazon option (now for TWLC, too!) that will let us make print versions available DAY 1! So stay tuned!

      • Billy Jepma

        Sure will!!! Can’t wait to read it!!! πŸ™‚

  • Nathanael

    Snowfall Press is a Christian Print on Demand press; in all intents and purposes, a self publisher. Xulon is also a self publisher but is more like a traditional with all its features (including ebook).

    • We’re actually really looking into CreateSpace (Amazon). Thanks for the tips.

  • Wonderful! Do you think you’ll do any book signings or anything? Or is it too early to know that yet?

    • Too early to know yet. But knowing Sir Wayne and I, it’s most likely a definite.

  • Leah Stockholm

    It’s totally worth the WAIT!!!

  • Rock on πŸ˜€

  • Absolutely AWESOME, Chris! We can’t wait!

  • Gabe

    Yahoo!!! Can’t wait!

  • jeremy

    SCORE!!!!!!!! Both to this and Athera’s Dawn! You have made me a happy man!

  • Gillian

    Hallelujah!!! I love the Berinfell Prophecies. I will CERTAINLY buy book three (I already own 1 and 2). Will pray for all to go well! πŸ™‚

  • Elijah

    I can’t wait for this new book to come out. Just finished reading Venom and Song and it was great….aside from Jett dying πŸ™ but whatever this new book has in it i’m sure it’s going to be great maybe you could even bring Jett back somehow πŸ™‚

    • If you know of any fairy dust factories, we’ll sprinkle some on him

      • Elijah

        Well if you enter Berinfell from the north gate and then make a left, you should see it right away.

  • Shannon

    What is the third book called tearing the veiL?

  • JD Lovell

    I love this book it is one of my fav’s and i’ve read all your other book too. I also l loved them and cant wait to read the third one because at the end of the second one the spider king bit Asp which would turn him into a spider thing. Also the spider kings forces where still on Earth getting ready to invade so the 6 (there are 6 of them now because jett is dead:( .) I wanted all of the 7 to live but you know 1 of them had to die. But as i was saying the the 6 would have to go back to earth. An Kiri lee would tell jetts parents how brave he was. (because she vowed when jett died) so you have have very good story line with the whole invasion of earth thing.

    • JD…you’re spot on my friend. πŸ™‚ Way to track it.

      Pray for us that we get some other projects finished up.

      • JD Lovell

        I will, I’m a christian and I love your books and am glad that you are also Religious.By the way are you going to let some humans come to Allyran? (I mean the kids adopted parents)

        • Oooooooo you never know! πŸ˜‰

          • JD Lovell

            I knew you wouldn’t tel me but thanks for responding. I pray that you will finish in time and I would like to pre-order the book, umm would you put a link on your website or Waynes site?(or both)

  • JD Lovell

    I mean when you are close to fishing and publishing

  • agusta

    Please make Jett alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JezziannO

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! Quite possibly could go into hysterics!!!! I absolutely ADORE the Berinfell Prophecies. I also know that on the UG you had and WTB had talked about doing a collectors addition. Is that still on the agenda? And if so can I like, pre-pre-order it cause I would like SOOOOO totally buy it. Even if it cost 1,000,000 bucks. Ok, maybe not but you get the picture πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jezz! These kinds of comments are the ones that keep us going. Mr. Batson and I are already starting sample chapters to “get things going” on B3. And, yes, we may re-release the first two again in a collector’s series. All to come! Thanks for staying tuned in with us; these will be exciting days! Endurance and victory!

  • KRae

    I’m soooooooo excited my family has read aloud both cosk and v&s. We’re all super stoked for book three!!!!!

    • Awe, thanks! This is so encouraging to hear! Mr. Batson and I just had a long video call yesterday to discuss the plot and go over notes.

  • JezziannO

    Are you and Mr. Batson still shooting to release by Christmas? And also, if you can answer this and if not no biggy, how do you and WTB write together. Does one of you come up with ideas and the other proofreads, or do you both brainstorm and write down your own ideas? I was just curious cause I LOVE to write and my friend and I are do RPs. So just wondering how to make it flow.

    • Thanks for the comment; appreciate your enthusiasm. Because we just started official plot development conversations last week, we don’t anticipate being done with the manuscript until sometime in the spring. However, we’ll be sure to keep our loyal readers up to speed with lots of fun tid-bits.

      We write using Scrivener (a Mac-only app at this point), and use iChat (voice and video) to communicate A LOT during the process (almost daily). We outline the whole book together, and then pick the chapters we are interested in writing as a starting point. He’ll snag – say – chapter 14 because he likes where it’s headed while I’ll write chapter 3. Then we’ll send one another the chapters: this entails FULL LIBERTY to change ANYTHING at all. Then the chapters go back to the creating author for yet another read through and round of changes. When all is said and done, we’ve probably read, re-read, and changed each chapter in the book no less than 10 times each. It’s a very labor intensive process, but it ensures that each book feels like “our voice” and not one chapter being all Wayne, the next being all Christopher.

      Thanks for asking!

  • JezziannO

    Thank you for your info. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next book. Thanks again.

  • Scott

    I know you said in an earlier comment you would probably be releasing it in the spring.Do you know if that will be earlier or later in the spring?

    • Scott: because it’s a loose estimation in and of itself, I can’t be any more specific. Sorry.

    • Scott

      Okay and thank you Mr. Hopper for taking the time to reply to us fans.I will be praying for you and Mr. Batson both as you work to release book 3.

      • You’re most welcome, Scott. And thanks for your prayers. We made some good progress this morning at 5:30am together.

  • dracowriter99

    Any idea on the release date? Jett needs to live, he was the best character and had the best powers.

    • dr

      never mind about the release date, did not read earlier comments.

  • JD Lovell

    Um… Hi again could you give me the link to pre-order (I dont care if you aren’t releasing it for anoth month or to I just want to know that I have a copy secured for myself!!!) P.S. Do you have any idea of a date, like another estimation?

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm, JD. There is no pre-order link at the moment. And there will be no shortage of copies. Since we’re using Amazon’s CreateSpace, there are “infinite” copies readily available as they “print yours the moment you click the buy button.”

  • Scott

    Will this book be released as an e-book or as a printed version first?Or will they be released on the same date?

    • Both formats, printed book first followed by ebook about a week later upon completion.

    • Scott

      Thank you for letting me know, Mr.Hopper.

  • We’re hoping for a May release. Stay tuned! And thanks for your enthusiasm. Means a lot to us.

  • JD Lovell

    do u have a date or a pre-order link?

    • We’re still staying May 15th-ish. No pre-order link. But honored by your enthusiasm!

  • Scott

    Are you or Mr. Batson going to post an idea of what the plot is going to be?

  • Daniel

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR BOOK THREE TO COME OUT! I’m starting the books over for the 3rd time in a year! You guys have done really good to write this stuff. I wish I could

  • Samuel

    So is the third book still due May 15thish? I AM SO EXCITED

    • No, we had some delays and have pushed it into June. Our apologies. But we’re trying to make it the BEST we possibly can.

  • jennifer

    UGH! My daughter and I sat down to order it today & found out it has been delayed. Hoping it works out in June!!

    • My apologies – very sorry for your disappointment. We’re working hard. Thanks for your loyalty.

    • Scott

      What day in June?

  • cody

    i love these books please dont stop after you release the third book

  • Samuel

    do you have a date yet ?

  • Mikaela

    I’m sooo excited. my sisters weren’t sure that there would be another one, but i knew that there had to be! I love your writing style, and reading it gives me ideas for my own book (which is moving along slowly…) !

    • Mikaela

      (not that i copy ideas…. just wanted to clarify that! =/ )

  • JD Lovell

    could u give a pre order link plz or an order link?

  • JD Lovell

    where can i order or pre-order book 3?

    • No pre-order option yet. But we’ll keep you posted. Sept. 15ht looks like the day!

  • JD Lovell

    i am so excited for the new book!!!

  • Cliffy

    Hey, I really loved the book series. I see alot of these replies were from a couple years ago. Is the book gonna be made yet? has it already been made? Just wondering cuz i am really excited about it. Sorry if i missed your release date, I just read the others book yesterday!

  • Cliffy

    Another thing i was just wondering about the series, It was really sad when Jett died (i think everyone feels the same way) but is it going to be the same? It was The Seven Lords of Berinfell, now its only 6 :'( It would be awesome if Jett could come back but like you said, it may not be possible. Whatever happens, I am SOOO EXCITED for the end to the series!!!!! I hope i can read it soon. πŸ™‚

    • @Cliffy: Thanks for the comments. Great to hear from you, and I’m thrilled you loved the series.

      Yes, The Tide of Unmaking was released last year and has been doing very well.

      You can put base it in both print and digitally by clicking on my ‘Novels’ button up top; it’s listed at the bottom of the page.

      Endurance and victory!


  • Cliffy

    Awesome!! Thanks. I can wait to read it.